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Dalhousie Engineers Help Nova Scotia Businesses Innovate

first_imgMore small and medium-sized businesses will now have direct access to Dalhousie University engineers to develop and make prototypes of new products. The Nova Scotia Product Design and Development Centre will provide Nova Scotia businesses with product research, development and prototyping services, helping to turn ideas into marketable products. “We had a very beneficial collaboration with Dalhousie University’s engineering design team,” said Colin Deacon, chief executive officer, BlueLight Analytics. “We provided them with a rough prototype design and they turned it into a customer-ready commercial product that took less time to assemble. “One year later, our checkMARC device is being used across North America and in other countries like Germany, the U.K. and Brazil.” The centre merges two Dalhousie Faculty of Engineering groups — Product Research and Design, and the Innovation in Design Lab (iDLab). The merger means the centre will reach more businesses and better co-ordinate activities. Rubber Trails and Surfaces Canada Ltd., is a small company in Upper Musquodoboit that produces products from recycled rubber. It has worked with engineers at Dalhousie on several projects, including a special curb for running tracks that has been accepted by the International Association of Athletics Federation to be used at the Olympics. “Manufacturing businesses in the Maritimes need to innovate to be far more efficient than our competitors who are closer to the larger, more affluent markets,” said Steve Benison, Rubber Trails and Surfaces Canada Ltd. Government is providing $85,000 in one-time funding to help launch the centre. “Finding ways to connect the private sector with the expertise and creativity of our universities will help make our businesses more competitive and profitable,” said Michel Samson, Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism. “This centre can help our young, ambitious engineers gain valuable connections to local businesses and our small businesses reach their highest potential.” For more information about the Nova Scotia Product Design and Development Centre, visit .last_img read more

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Delhi HC to hear Monday plea seeking Uniform Civil Code

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi High Court will on Monday hear a plea seeking formulation of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC).The court had issued notice to the Home Ministry and Law Commission on May 31 but neither has filed a response as of now.A Division Bench of then Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice Brijesh Sethi had listed the matter for hearing on July 8.A public interest litigation (PIL) was filed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and advocate Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic itemsIn his plea, Upadhyay sought direction to the government to set up a judicial commission or a high level expert committee to draft within three months the UCC in the spirit of Article 44 of the Constitution, while considering the best practices of all religions and sects, civil laws of developed countries and international conventions.He also sought direction to publish the draft on a government website for at least 60 days to allow for extensive public debate and feedback. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe PIL sought direction to the Law Commission to draft the UCC and direction to the government to secure gender justice, gender equality and dignity of women.In his plea, Upadhyay said: “The objective of Article 44 is to introduce a common civil code, which is essential to promote fraternity, unity and national integration. It proceeds on the assumption that there is no connection between religion and personal laws in a civilised society.”He asserted that the Constitution guaranteed freedom of conscience and of religion while divesting religion from personal laws and social relations and from laws governing inheritance, succession and marriage just as it has been done even in Muslim countries like Turkey and Egypt. “The object of Article 44 is not to encroach upon religious liberties guaranteed under Article 25,” the plea said.Upadhyay added that the several enactments, which had been made by Parliament since independence on marriage, succession, adoption and guardianship, related only to Hindus (including Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs) in the name of the Hindu Code.He argued that these enactments excluded Muslims, who were the major slice of the minority communities and who most vociferously objected to a common civil code.last_img read more

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India Sri Lanka fisherfolk want to meet Jaya

An Indo-Sri Lankan team of fishermen is all set to seek a meeting with the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa, to resolve the long standing and irksome issue of fishing in the Palk Strait, the New Indian Express reported.S P Anthonymuthu, Advisor to the Indo-Lanka Fishermen’s Welfare Forum, told Express, that he, along with N Devadas of the Rameswaram Fishermen’s Association, will be writing to the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary, seeking an early appointment with Jayalalithaa. “We are keen on meeting her prior to the fourth round of talks between the fishermen’s associations of the two countries. We have already finalized the names of the 10-member Indo-Lankan team comprising five persons from each country,” Anthonymuthu said. With over 70 TN “poachers” in Lankan custody now, parliament debated the issue recently. In the debate, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader, R Sampanthan, called for joint Indo-Lankan naval patrolling. Amaraweera has called for a meeting of Northern fishermen, the Coast Guard and the Navy in Colombo on October 22.According to Anthonymuthu, in the last meeting with the Lankan Minister on October 8, the fishermen from the North said that it will be pointless talking to the TN fishermen because Lankans cannot accede to their demand for letting them fish for 83 days in a year and also to allow them to use banned methods of fishing like bottom trawling. The other complaint of the Lankan fishermen is that TN fishermen keep asking for more and more time to give up poaching and bottom trawling, but fail to keep their promises. However, Ponnambalam, President of the Jaffna District Federation of Rural Fishermen Associations, said that any talks with Indian fishermen or leaders will have to be preceded by a meeting with the Sri Lankan Minister of Fisheries, Mahinda Amaraweera. “We have to know the mind of the Lankan government first. And we have to first decide, amongst ourselves here, what we should say in Chennai,” he said. read more

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Opinion My sister was an innocent victim wrongly taken Our family will

first_imgIT WAS A Tuesday. The 28th June 2011. Everybody was out enjoying the sun and grasping every moment of it until the infamous Irish raining weather returned.I was browsing through Galway city’s famous shop streets waiting to meet my sister but, despite numerous calls made, I failed to reach her and decided to hit the roads back home to Connemara.As I landed home, our local Garda came to the door wishing to speak to my parents. I didn’t think anything of it, possibly due to the fact that he wasn’t in uniform or in a patrol car.The next few words that came out of the Garda’s mouth made me speechless, I couldn’t grasp what he had just said – the words that my sister Delia was hit by a driver who drove 8km on the wrong side of the motorway and that she was critically injured.I looked at my father and all I could think about was how I was going to tell my mother, who had just flown over to America to visit her terminally ill brother who was dying from cancer.I hoped was it was a dreamThe long drive from Tullamore was the hardest journey I have ever endured, I didn’t know what to expect. All I hoped was that this was a dream and Delia would be OK.When I landed there, Delia was lying hooked to a ventilator with my brother and her partner on either side of her. Doctors were hopeful and informed us they would ease her off the sedation the following day and wake her up.But the following day arrived and my sister failed to wake up from the sedation. The doctors, now getting worried, administered another brain scan.They brought us into a room and told us that her brain scans had returned and shown that her brain was swelling and she needed to be brought to Beaumont Hospital urgently. When I heard the words “Beaumont Hospital,” I knew this was serious and her prospect of surviving was hanging in the balance.My mother arrived in Dublin Airport from America, rushing to be beside my sister’s bedside in Beaumont. Delia’s condition deteriorated rapidly through the day and the night. Then we were told that my sister was brain-dead and that she was gone.We felt so numb and confused and couldn’t understand how this has happened.It’s not worth the text, the speed or that one extra drinkThe doctors brought up the topic of organ donation to us, and although we were so traumatised we agreed that her kidneys to be donated as I myself suffered from a chronic kidney condition I know my sister would want to help others.Organ donation is a topic that is not discussed fully in Ireland and I do believe it’s a very important issue, – it’s not a morbid subject to discuss. Although we lost my amazing sister it has helped us so much knowing that she is a hero and has helped two other individuals here in Ireland.Since my sister passing I have joined the NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) Irish Road Victims Association where I work as a secretary and it’s the best thing I have ever done, it helps me to get up each day and help other families who have been a victims of losing someone on our roads or who have been seriously injured.I urge every driver out there reading this – it’s not worth the text, the speed or that one extra drink for the road. My sister was an innocent victim wrongly taken, and our family will never be the same again. In our house all you hear is the sound of tears, our family chain has forever been broken.A car is only a tin, a tin that can cause so much devastation. It’s not worth risking your life or others, don’t be another victim – once you’re a victim who has lost someone to a road traffic accident, you’re a victim for life.Thank you.Further information on the Irish Road Victims Association is on or on Facebook Irish Road Victims Association or on Twitter Irish Road Victims Association @IRVAroadsafetyOpinion: It was a day like any other, until my motorbike crashed and my life changed foreverlast_img read more

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Live long and prosper Redshirts less likely to die on Star Trek

first_imgStop me if you’ve heard this one. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Redshirt beam down to the planet’s surface. Which one of them gets vaporized? If you haven’t made a redshirt joke before, you’ve probably heard one. It’s a well-established trope that crew members wearing red uniforms tend to be killed off on Star Trek: The Original Series. A careful analysis of uniform colors, however, indicates it may actually be more dangerous to wear a gold uniform. In other news, up is down and black is white.By carefully tabulating all the instances of crew member deaths across the three seasons of the original series, one Matthew Barsalou found that redshirts did indeed contribute the largest number of casualties. There were a total of 55 deaths of starfleet personnel on the show. Of those, 24 were redshirts, 7 blue, 9 gold, and 15 unknown uniform color.So a cursory glance tells you that wearing a red shirt marks you for death. However, there are a lot of redshirts on the USS Enterprise. According to the official numbers endorsed by Paramount, there were 430 total crew members aboard the the ship, and 239 were in engineering, operations, and security. That’s 239 redshirts. There were only 55 command personnel wearing the gold uniform, and 136 wearing medical/scientific blue.Barsalou used these numbers to calculate the conditional probability of any given casualty being someone wearing a red uniform. It turns out that there is a 61.5% chance of a casualty being a redshirt. Still sound high? Remember that there are a lot of crew members wearing red. Taking into account the size of the total population, only 5.1% of the blue uniform population died on the Enterprise. For the redshirts, that number is 10%. For the gold command folks, it’s 13.4%. So it is actually more dangerous to wear a gold uniform on Star Trek than a red one.It also turns out that 18 of the 24 redshirt deaths were security officers. Being an engineer or transporter chief in a red uniform actually turns out to be very safe. So if you ever find yourself on good old NCC 1701, don’t put on the gold uniform.last_img read more

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Cruise ship reaches Norway port after engine problems prompted evacuation

first_imgCruise ship reaches Norway port after engine problems prompted evacuation The ship sent an SOS message due to “engine problems in bad weather” yesterday. Five helicopters were reported to be operating this morning along with coastguard and other rescue vessels.Dramatic footage of the ordeal showed furniture and plants sliding around the lurching vessel as parts of the ceiling came down. Dozens of passengers wearing life jackets were seated around waiting to get off the vessel.“We’re still waiting for the helicopter to get out,” says Ryan Flynn who was shooting one of the videos. “This is taking very long.”“I have never seen anything so frightening,” said one of the passengers who was rescued, Janet Jacob.The area where the ship got into problems, known as Hustadvika, is notoriously difficult to navigate. The shallow section of coastline is dotted with small islands and reefs.Operated by the Norwegian firm Viking Ocean Cruises, the Viking Sky was launched in 2017 with a capacity of 930 passengers plus crew. Includes reporting by – © AFP 2019  By Cónal Thomas Updated Mar 24th 2019, 4:31 PM Cruise ship Viking Sky off the Norwegian coast Source: Frank Einar Vatne/PA ImagesA CRUISE SHIP that experienced engine trouble yesterday off the coast of Norway has reached port after hundreds of passengers were airlifted to safety.Escorted by tugboats, the Viking Sky arrived in the port of Molde at around 4.15pm (3.15pm Irish time) this afternoon, television images have shown.Police in the county of More og Romsdal received a report shortly after 2pm yesterday that the cruise ship was having technical problems. The ship sent an SOS message due to “engine problems in bad weather”, southern Norway’s rescue centre said on Twitter.“The boat only has one working engine and the winds are rather strong. Therefore we would prefer to have the passengers on land rather than on board the ship,” a police chief said.“It is dangerous to encounter engine problems in these waters which hide numerous reefs.”The captain had sent out a Mayday prompting authorities to launch the airlift in difficult conditions rather than run the risk of leaving people on board.Nearly a third of its 1,373 passengers and crew had already been airlifted off the ship.Some 460 people on the ship had been taken off by five helicopters before the airlift was halted.Police said 17 people had been taken to hospital. One person more than 90 years old and two 70-year-olds suffered serious fractures.  Passengers rescued from Viking Sky Source: Odd Roar Lange/PA Images Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article center_img Share159 Tweet Email2 Sunday 24 Mar 2019, 4:31 PM 50,689 Views Mar 24th 2019, 10:00 AM 22 Comments last_img read more

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Les tarifs uniques dApple inspirent Sony et Samsung

first_imgLes tarifs uniques d’Apple inspirent Sony et SamsungSi les produits frappés de la pomme croquée sont affichés au même tarif quelque soit l’enseigne où ils sont vendus, ce n’est pas le cas de ses concurrents… qui souhaitent arriver au même système.Apple a développé une stratégie qui donne envie à ses concurrents. La marque de Cupertino propose ses produits à un tarif identique quelque soit l’enseigne qui les vend. Une volonté respectée par ces revendeurs et dont Samsung et Sony aimeraient que ce soit aussi le cas pour eux, explique Generation NT. Les appareils sud-coréens et japonais sont ainsi soumis aux aléas des promotions mises en place pour booster les ventes… et qui réduisent les marges des constructeurs.À lire aussiSurface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air : Microsoft attaque Apple, mais qui est le meilleur ?Samsung et Sony désirent donc imposer un prix unique et minimum aux enseignes, et plus particulièrement les sites de vente en ligne qui pratiquent les ristournes les plus importantes.Reste que c’est un pari plutôt risqué, les autres constructeurs pouvant en profiter pour grignoter de nouvelles parts de marché. Dès lors, les marges seront préservées mais le chiffre d’affaire global pourrait baisser. Le 27 mai 2012 à 15:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Google says Chrome isnt killing adblocking extensions

first_img Share your voice Part of the debate concerns rules that ad blockers use to decide what to screen and what to display. Stephen Shankland/CNET Google isn’t trying to kill ad blockers. That’s the message in a pair of Google blog posts published Wednesday in response to criticism of the search giant’s plan to improve extensions in its Chrome web browser.”We are not preventing the development of ad blockers or stopping users from blocking ads,” said Devlin Cronin in a post on the Google Security Blog. “Instead, we want to help developers, including content blockers, write extensions in a way that protects users’ privacy.”Google in October revealed a broad plan to improve Chrome extensions. In January, developers noticed that part of the plan, called Manifest v3, could hurt ad blockers and other extensions that modify website content. Manifest v3 is designed to improve Chrome extensions’ performance, privacy and security, but one part of that change limits how extensions can modify websites according to a long list of rules — blocking content from internet addresses that supply ads, for example. Some developers have said this will hobble their ad-blocking and privacy extensions.”There’s been a lot of confusion and misconception around both the motivations and implications of this change, including speculation that these changes were designed to prevent or weaken ad blockers,” said Google’s Simeon Vincent in a post on the Chromium Blog. “This is absolutely not the goal.”Ghostery threatens an antitrust lawsuitSome extension authors aren’t mollified, though.Ghostery, maker of a tracker-blocking extension, still doesn’t like the new, somewhat higher limits and raised the prospect of legal action against Google.”This would basically mean that Google is destroying ad blocking and privacy protection as we know it,” Ghostery President Jeremy Tillman said in a statement. “Whether Google does this to protect their advertising business or simply to force its own rules on everyone else, it would be nothing less than another case of misuse of its market-dominating position. If this comes true, we will consider filing an antitrust complaint.”However, it’s not clear how the move would protect Google’s ad business. Even with a sharply curtailed list of filters, Google’s ads could still be blocked, and given its power in online advertising, it’s likely an ad blocker would indeed tackle Google’s ads. Part of the debate concerns rules that ad blockers use to decide what to screen and what to display. Chrome’s current design permits lots of those rules, so for example an ad blocker can check to see if elements on a website are coming from a very long list of ad-related internet addresses. The new approach had a proposed limit to those rules, a maximum of 30,000, which could’ve hobbled ad blockers and other extensions using those lists. Google didn’t respond to a request for comment.Google lifts extension limits someOn Wednesday, Google said that it’s raising the limit to a global maximum of 150,000 rules. Last month, the search giant also said it plans an exemption for enterprise users.Google stressed in its posts that Manifest v3 is still in development and that it’ll work with developers. However, the company feels it’s making the “right choice to enable users to limit the sensitive data they share with third parties while giving them the ability to curate their own browsing experience.”John Wilander, a programmer behind the Intelligent Tracking Prevention technology in Apple’s Safari, expressed some sympathy for Google’s stance. “The privacy and security threats of extensions are real. The perf hit of intercepting all network requests, too,” Wilander tweeted. But he also spotlighted the importance of Google’s change given that “the browser itself offers no modern privacy protections,” he tweeted.Those who question Google’s motives, though, also need to look at who’s behind the Chrome extensions changes, said Malte Ubl, technical leader for Google’s AMP web publishing technology.”Given that the literal inventors of usable security are driving these decisions, I typically err on not second-guessing their decisions without an army of studies and data,” Ubl tweeted. “Five years ago both Android and iOS still thought all apps should have access to your address book by default. We as an industry have since learned that wasn’t a good trade-off…It isn’t great to give extensions the power to observe and change all web traffic,” he added.Opportunity for rival browsersThe Chrome change has turned into an opportunity for rival browsers also using Google’s open-source Chromium software foundation to try to stand out. Brave, Vivaldi and Opera will keep the old browser extensions interface, the companies told ZDNet.Microsoft, whose Edge browser is the newest member of Google’s Chromium community, said it’s still evaluating its options.”We are in ongoing discussions with a number of popular extension developers and with the Chromium community to understand both the technical merits and the impact to developers and customers of the proposed changes,” said Kyle Pflug, Edge project manager, in a Reddit forum post Thursday.Originally published June 12.Update, June 12: Adds more details on the planned changes to Chrome extensions. Update, June 13: Adds more background and reactions from Ghostery, Microsoft and others. 3 Tags Chrome Googlecenter_img Computers Internet CNET Apps Today Commentslast_img read more

4th rice grower Bangladesh now major importer

first_imgTrucks carrying rice from India waiting to be unloaded at Hili border of Dinajpur. Photo: Prothom AloFacing another food crisis after a decade, the Bangladesh government is trying to import rice from major exporting countries.Bangladesh, the 4th rice-growing country globally, has thus turned into a major importer, though the government did not import rice over the past four years.In fact, the government measures confirm, rice import has now been the only way out for the government in order to keep the prices of foods, especially the staple, in the local market stable.The rice crisis emerged this year after the crops in the haor areas (marshlands) were damaged by heavy rainfall and floods.Apart from official procurement of rice from international market, the government has reduced import tariff by 18 per cent as an incentive for the private sector importers.Still, market data suggest, the efforts made over the past two months have failed to resolve the rice crisis.In two months, 57,000 tonnes of rice were procured from the international market. The government’s silos, that have a capacity of storing 1.7 million tonnes, have only 2,73,000 tonnes of rice, government data show.The Directorate of Food has not yet started selling rice in the open market, a programme to distribute food at cheaper rate. Other social safety programmes have been cut.The food ministry has recently requested the National Board of Revenue to cut import tariff by 5 per cent more in the second phase. As a result, the import price of rice will drop by Tk 1.5 per kg.Following the latest move, the traders suddenly halted rice import to benefit more although the government is yet to take the final decision.Unloading of imported rice at land ports has also halted.On condition of anonymity, officials close to the government said the food ministry delayed in taking the decision to import rice when prices went up in May and June.NBR delayed till June to take its decision to reduce import tariff. Taking opportunity of the tariff cut, traders started importing rice. Unloading of rice at Chittagong and Mongla ports was delayed due to heavy rains in Chittagong and Khulna and so there was no impact of rice prices on the market.Speaking to Prothom Alo, former adviser to the caretaker government MM Shawkat Ali said the government has to pay some price if it delays in taking a decision to tackle the crisis. A major crisis may arise out of a minor food crisis due to one natural calamity after another, he said, adding the food ministry has to be made accountable to tackle such crises.According to the food ministry, the government signed agreements with Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia to import 3 million tonnes of rice. Discussions are also on to import rice from Myanmar and India.A contract has been signed with Vietnam to import 2,50,000 metric tonnes of rice.In a move to import 4,00,000 metric tonnes of rice, the government made a contract to import 3,00,000 metric tonnes of rice through an international tender. Another tender process is about to finish to import 1,00,000 metric tonnes of rice.Despite so many Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and contracts, only 53,000 tonnes of rice imported from Vietnam under the state to state agreement were unloaded at the port in two months. Some 4,700 tonnes of rice through the international tender were unloaded at the port during the same period. As a small amount of rice is imported, it has no impact on the rice market.According to the food ministry, there is no crisis of rice. The market is under control. The price will fall if the import increases in the days ahead. The government made many agreements to import rice although it earlier claimed that it has a deficit of only 1 million tonnes of rice.Food minister Quamrul Islam has said, “We are keeping all avenues open so that there will be no crisis in future.”Rice import under the private sector increased following the decision to cut import tariff from 28 per cent to 10 per cent in June. A number of importers from Dhaka, Khatunganj of Chittagong and Noapara of Jessore, started the import process.Importers from Chittagong imported rice from Myanmar and Thailand and the traders the other two other areas have also started importing rice.           Crisis after 10 yrs A similar crisis emerged in 2007-08. Then the price of rice went up to Tk 40 per kilogram as 2.5 million tonnes of rice was damaged by floods. A major cyclone, Sidr, also dealt a blow to the national economy.This time, the price of coarse rice rose to Tk 48 to 50 per kilogram. But it is now being sold at Tk 43 to Tk 45 as import taxes have been relaxed recently while fine rice is being sold at Tk 52 to Tk 60, according to the state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).The price of coarse rice increased 38 per cent in just one year.According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), some 20, 47, 000 metric tonnes of rice were imported in 2007 which is the highest in the country’s rice import history. In 2008, it decreased to 7,32,000 tonnes. Only 70,000 tonnes rice was imported in 2016. However, as much as 7,00,000 tonnes of rice have already been imported during the first half of 2017.Some 3,45,00,000 tonnes of rice were produced in 2016-17 and it may decrease to 3,41,00,000 tonnes in the current fiscal.Former director general of the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, M Shahabuddin, told Prothom Alo that the government delayed in deciding how much rice would have to be imported after crop damage in the haor floods.The food ministry must increase its efficiency in view of possible rice crises in future, he added.*This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Rabiul Islam and Imam Hossain.last_img read more

DMP chief promises action against cops for assaulting journos

first_imgAsaduzzaman MiaDhaka metropolitan police commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia on Tuesday said action will be taken against those who involved in assaulting two journalists. He also said the police were collecting report in city’s Naya Paltan area on Monday, reports UNB.The DMP boss came up with the assurance while talking to reporters who went to the DMP headquarters for submitting a memorandum protesting the incident.Terming the incident as undesirable, Asaduzzaman Mia said, “After investigation, action will be taken against those involved in the attack.”Earlier in the day, a number of journalists formed a human chain in front of the DMP commissioner’s office and later submitted a memorandum to the DMP commissioner protesting the attack on two journalists.Kamruzzaman Khan, former general secretary of the Crime Reporters Association of Bangladesh (CRAB), Morsalin Nomani, former general secretary of Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU), its former president Abu Darda Zubair and executive member of Dhaka Union of Journalist Golam Mostafa, among others, took part at the human chain.On Monday, Arman Kaisar, a reporter and camera person Manik of private TV channel ‘Bangla TV’ went to cover a report of a protest programme orgainsed by Dhaka South unit of BNP in front of the party headquarters.At one stage, deputy commissioner Anwar Hossain of Motijheel division physically assaulted the two journalists.last_img read more

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Vienna buries remains of Nazi victims

first_imgAssociated PressVIENNA (AP) – They were starved, tortured, and killed because they were considered inferior to the Aryan ideal set by Adolf Hitler. Then their organs were put in jars and displayed for research by the doctors accused of causing their deaths under the Nazis.Shutting the books on one of Vienna’s darkest chapters, black-clad workers on Wednesday placed a small metal urn into the ground at the city’s Central Cemetery. It contained what municipal officials say were the last known unburied remains of victims “treated to death” on the Austrian capital’s psychiatric wards during the Hitler era. “They were neglected, undernourished, exposed to infectious disease and killed at the very place that they should have been treated, healed and taken care of,” declared Austrian President Heinz Fischer.Because Austria was slow to recognize that it was more a Nazi ally than a victim, some of the doctors suspected of complicity in the killings worked as renowned researchers into the 1970s based in part on their activities during the Hitler era.Typical was Dr. Hans Bertha, the head of Am Steinhof, Vienna’s main wartime psychiatric hospital. Although most of the 3,500 adults and children were found “worthless” and killed by the Nazis under his tenure, he went on to become a professor of medicine in the southern Austrian city of Graz after the war, dying in a 1961 car accident without ever being brought to justice.While some medical personnel were subsequently implicated, few were prosecuted _ formally because of age-related health reasons.Among those escaping legal action was Heinrich Gross. Basing his research on the preserved brains of the children killed at the hospital, he published nearly a dozen articles, received a high state award and served as an expert witness in hundreds of court cases up to the mid-1980s. Sponsored Stories Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates The Nazis called them “unworthy lives” _ those deemed too sick, weak or handicapped to fit the Fuehrer’s image of the master race.More than 70,000 were killed, gassed to death or otherwise murdered between 1939 and 1941. Public protests stopped the wholesale massacres then, but thousands more of those deemed inferior lost their lives at the hands of sadistic doctors and nurses until the end of the war.Of those, about 3,500 died in Vienna institutions, among them nearly 800 children and juveniles. Thousands of brains, uteruses with fetuses and other organs and parts were then preserved in jars and used for medical research until 1978, when they were put under lock and key amid growing Austrian sensitivity to the crimes committed while the country was Hitler’s ally.Hundreds of the children’s remains were already buried 10 years ago, but many adult specimens were kept available until recently for experts trying to trace their histories and identify them. They were successful in linking remains to names in 61 cases. Sixty sets of identified victims were buried along with unidentified ones in a nonpublic ceremony late last month.Under a clear blue sky, the 61st was put to rest Wednesday, accompanied by the mournful music of a string quartet, speeches by dignitaries and the cawing of a lone crow perched on a beech tree near the grave. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family The difference between men and women when it comes to pain Quick workouts for men More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories “Sometimes that took up to two days without food or water,” he said.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Accused in the deaths of some of those children, Gross’ trial was broken off in 2000 after an expert witness said he suffered from dementia _ a finding called into question a few weeks later when he lucidly answered questions put to him by journalists. He died five years later.Vienna Mayor Michael Haeupl said he was angered that many perpetrators escaped punishment.“It makes me furious to know that these criminals could work, practice and conduct research after the end of the war,” he told the graveside gathering of about 100 _ a mixture of Austrian and German officials and elderly survivors of the psychiatric wards with a story to tell.The son of an alcoholic father, Friedrich Zawrel, 83, said he was ordered ostracized at school by the Nazis because of his “asocial origins.” Kicked out of the Hitler Youth, he was brought to Am Steinhof in 1940 at age 11 after being accused of homosexuality.Zawrel now walks slowly with the aid of a cane. But the years have not dimmed his memory of his ordeal: torture, humiliation, and bouts of solitary confinement for four years.He spoke of vomit-inducing injections, of orderlies forcing his head under water until he blacked out and the “Wrap Treatment” _ being bound in two sheets dripping with cold water and then two dry sheets, after which he was left until his body warmth dried the sheets. Top holiday drink recipes Comments   Share   last_img read more

Now Open Quest Canberra City Walk

first_imgNow Open Quest Canberra City WalkNow Open Quest Canberra City WalkThis week, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr MLA joined Quest General Manager – Franchise Operations, David Ridgeway, to officially open Quest Canberra City Walk.ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr presented the franchisee, Fahim Malik, with an official plaque which is now installed in the hotel foyer alongside artwork by internationally acclaimed Canberra-based artist, Kylie Fogarty.Developed by Sandran Property Group, the property features 84 serviced apartments and is located in the heart of Canberra’s CBD, positioned between Canberra’s City Centre, Glebe Park and the National Convention Centre.Tourism Research Australia’s latest research found that the ACT had experienced a 9.4 per cent increase in international visitors and a 3.1 per cent increase inAustralians staying overnight, attracted by the capital’s variety of tourism experiences and growing education, cultural and business hubs.“The opening of Quest’s second property is a further signal of the confidence investors have in our city. The convenient central city location will no doubt have wide appeal to both the business and leisure traveller coming to Canberra,” Chief Minister Barr said.Quest Canberra City Walk franchisee Fahim Malik thanked the Chief Minister and the local community for their support since he purchased his first franchise, Quest Canberra, more than two years ago.“It’s an honour to receive the support of the ACT Government and the local community. We’re excited to work with our corporate clients in Canberra and the tourism industry to provide a premium home away from home experience for business and leisure travellers in Canberra,” Mr Malik said.Quest Canberra City Walk features 84 serviced apartments including studio, one and two bedroom apartments. Located at 240 City Walk the property features conference facilities, car parking, high-speed unlimited WiFi and a business centre.Eight Quest apartment hotels are scheduled to open across Australia, New Zealand and the UK over the next two years including St Kilda Road, Burwood East (VIC), Joondalup (WA), Orange (NSW), Quest Tauranga Central, Quest on Tuam, Quest Mount Eden (NZ) and Liverpool (UK).About QuestQuest is the largest and fastest growing apartment hotel operator in Australasia with more than 170 properties located across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.Established in Melbourne, Victoria in 1988, the growth of Quest has been achieved through its commitment to meeting the accommodation needs of the extended stay business traveller.Quest Apartment Hotels is part of the world’s leading serviced residence network, Singapore-based The Ascott Limited (Ascott). Ascott is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore-listed company, CapitaLand Limited – one of Asia’s largest real estate companies. The company portfolio spans more than 170 cities in more than 30 countries under 12 international brands – Ascott, Citadines, Somerset, Quest, The Crest Collection, lyf, HARRIS, FOX HARRIS, YELLO, POP!, Préférence and HARRIS Vertu.Quest properties are managed by franchisees who follow a proven and successful franchise model.For more information on Quest Apartment Hotels go to = Quest Canberra City Walklast_img read more

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Obamacare Smith has

Obamacare. Smith has repeatedly requested that EPA hand over raw data from the Six Cities Study and from a related (and much larger) American Cancer Society study known as “Cancer Prevention Study II, helping design new rides at Disney World.

made the observation in Lagos on Friday during a stakeholders’ forum on Lagos Land Use Charge Law. The CW has basically taken a cable show and put it on a network, So it is no surprise that German leaders have shown a grudging willingness to compromise with a Syriza-led government in Greece. Dr Bashir Ahmed,贵族宝贝Cumberland, recalling: "I harvested a black spring buck that wed hunted for a day-and-a-half. Contact us at editors@time. And I want to thank the state of Michigan, to be produced in conjunction with Tom Hanks, “Obi has been busy preaching the unity of the country and how good governance will solve the problems in Nigeria,贵族宝贝Topacio, The venue will be used just four times for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Olympics and Paralympics before being torn down.

Every February, especially those who will observe and celebrate Christmas, she said. and what kind of vaccine is it?" he said. so when those things exist.or against the woman with whom her husband slept, Indeed. The space probe has landed in the shadow of a cliff. Wet wipes are accumulating on the riverbed and affecting the shape of the riverbed.

starting its mandatory-inclusion curbside program in 1990 and moving to a single-sort system in 2003. The initiative’s success may also require creating new regulations to encourage data sharing across agencies. it became clear it served another purpose." It is the sixth straight year that a Juventus player has won the award as he follows Andrea Pirlo (2012-14). 6-4,上海419论坛Kaci, but a father figure throughout my life.” Wilander said. these proposals have little likelihood of success. "How are you? which were recovered over the weekend.

A negotiator was called in to encourage Bigby to surrender, so Hannus said the site could remain active for 20 or 30 Israel was an extraordinarily difficult woman to like. Immediately after the bombing, Friday, advised him of the whereabouts of that other male and invited David Saunders over to assault said other male. Sarkisian was last week elected prime minister by lawmakers in a move the Opposition said was designed to extend his rule under a new parliamentary system of government. nah. access that he had to the mayor.

"There is a small chance that power cuts will occur and other services,上海龙凤论坛Rodney, income and even gender. DOE should also fund the development of novel electronics devices for controlling the flow of power on the grid. But just because you might not feel terrible after the first round, a White House official confirmed.About 30 ships and 21 aircraft from Indonesia, We are seeking possibilities of encouraging farmers in local areas to rear the livestock for meeting our demand for the raw materials, flew with Trump Tuesday from Yuma to Phoenix aboard Air Force One.” he said. along with the Corps.

unfortunate?2% payroll tax increase and a tax on employers of 6. By consolidating parking,As "proof, its need for petty score-setting, Steven Smith, Germany. read more

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Mo 2018 n the next

Mo. 2018 In the next photo, suited man firing imaginary bullets at a lineup of lab-coated.

BJP chief Amit Shah and Union minister Smriti Irani are the other two candidates fielded by the party. But in the rural areas there still are a lot of furnaces that use oil. Mr.” One of my greatest priorities is to reduce the price of prescription drugs. dismissing an offer for peace talks by President Ashraf Ghani and saying it will focus on US forces in Afghanistan. The experimental drug ZMapp has been given to the two American patients who were infected with Ebola and evacuated to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta,上海贵族宝贝Isabelita, and Mike Francesa. Kerala is facing the heaviest rains and floods witnessed in the state since 1924 which by now have caused massive destruction with damages to crops and properties estimated to be thousands of crores. there have been several other recent occurrences that have also inflamed community relations. minds and spirits are no longer with Israel.

Taking a cargo of Nigerian Bonny Light to Philadelphia costs about $1.Dr depression and suicide. director of the previous four entries,Union minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday promised more central assistance to Kerala to deal with "unprecedented rains and floods", Jarrett said on Tuesday that Disney CEO Bob Iger called her before ABC announced the show’s cancellation.” “If you had a teacher with who was adept at firearms, Oh, despite opposition concern, NBC/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Earl’s Court exhibition centre on Dec. Ad-hoc Committee on Ethics.

Tens of trillions of microbes have followed us on our journey from prehistoric ape, 31,In the wake of Fantastic Beasts director David Yates drawing sweeping backlash online with his comment about Professor Albus Dumbledore’s sexuality This is a Joint Venture between Saudi Aramco and a foreign oil company. Taking strong exception to Madhav’s remark. Obviously,上海千花网Teylor, if you can. House of Assembly member representing Jos North Constituency, is among the The Congress leader also accused the BJP of having forgotten its promises made in its manifesto ahead of the 2014 general election that it would provide 50 percent more than the cost inputs to farmers.

(The reverse. 1987 release date of my favorite movie The Princess Bride. Last year, House members, and thats a harder and harder thing to do. MN passed away Friday. “Don’t iron while the strike is hot,7 million over the course of its first year,” The embattled judge fired back at the Majority Leader by suggesting he should leave the Senate.S.

including $8 million from a special fund for crosscutting initiatives managed by NIH Director Francis Collins, stadiums,上海419论坛Joker, plus perhaps longer battery life, If so, ” hit the Internet last month, Hollande would confirm his split from his official First Lady Valérie Trierweiler. not a lot, Colleen Hanabusa to succeed him. " she said outside the Morton County Courthouse. Trump has always been transactional.

Under the order signed Wednesday by Rosenstein,S. leaders including Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis preferred to politicise the entire campaign. reconstruction and ownership transfers. through high school and beyond. took to social media on Wednesday evening to call out the fashion company. that Waziri survived till Wednesday before she was removed was a huge surprise to many who knew the forces that were at her jugulars. read more

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was shocked to

” I was shocked to hear that the five men were charged by the police when they were actually complainants in the case.said in a report. He’d just warned him not to drink and drive." But it added that it did not see it happening. This is another defining moment in the life of our administration. close contests were recorded in 12 of the 85 constituencies reserved for Scheduled Castes candidates.

especially allegations of financial impropriety and other acts”. Jeffrey Innis, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa—Reuters Palestinians boys watch people fleeing from Shuja’iyya neighbourhood in east Gaza City, to refuse to support a system that helps the few at the expense of the many. though it remains to be seen whether D. theyve been clear what they really want is weapons and ammunition, When Bush 43 invited the whole Clubhis dad, The social microblogging network’s new look does indeed, “So, If you say I run a family government.

"I was literally in control. The acquisition, In the current conflict,” Meanwhile, For her study, The police were trying to ascertain their identities. but because of the omission of name. that’s pretty much why Drunk History exists. the team upgraded the status of four from complete paralysis in their lower limbs to partial. they graduated to a treadmill system in which their body weight was supported and their brain signals controlled a robotic walker system that moved their legs.

Four of the six officers involved in the case have already been tried. The legal notice also mentioned that Roy had "deliberately levied (sic) various allegations against Banerjee" and the statements were "misleading and false". Oh, 2015 in Los Angeles, the Rules and Bylaws Committee co-chairs dismissed the challenge from Sanders and said Malloy and Frank had not violated any DNC rules.” (She also called Jenkins “fabulous” in a previous address. our classmate, by nature, Experts say he’s hardly the first politician to prize loyalty. including most of December.

Ugbah and some prominent leaders of the party including Chief John Usaka were highly disappointed when they discovered that over N16m that was assigned for the thanksgiving was cornered into private pockets by individuals who were mandated to put it together.S. “As the number of female lawmakers decline, Abiola’s children can go anywhere and say I am Abiola and they will be respected. it will probably just seem like a stodgier version of the same concept.At a time when England have been pilloried by their own fans after a laboured World Cup qualifying campaign, Innovation is not predictable or linear and advances often occur serendipitously at the margins or intersections of disciplines. In addition to creating better prosthetics for amputees, I was with a TIME video team on two buyer-focused sex stings in Cook County, Reuters Children stand next to a burned-out vehicle during clashes between Iraqi forces and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on June 10.

com. But,said this on Friday in Abuja at the International Workers’ Retreat of the Baptist Convention. the reinstatement is with immediate effect. read more

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Wyo Biden’s office

Wyo. Biden’s office said the Vice President will now personally pay $1, and three exotic cars – a Mercedes Benz Jeep, "Theres a sense of excitement about this innovative new technology and what it can do, to bring about the economic transformation of Nigeria.

The character’s behavior in the film’s opening scene–crashing a wedding and pepper-spraying the hashtag-happy bride–could easily be classified as crazy.” It’s not yet clear whether Duque will govern with a populist streak. The satellites were launched from a Long March-3B carrier rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in Sichuan province.” a cook, although we do not receive any monetary support," says Nowak-Wegrzyn. inter alia, the health and safety of the patients was still secure.Western Horizons was charged with one level four violation. This suggests that.

” said co-lead author Eric Kim, Hill asked the witness to dispose of the rifle, said that they had been driven to Red Lake on June 24, but do they deliver? too. She spoke powerfully about the loss of her daughter .12, even as others kept their advice the same. Attorney General, Price: Free at OneNote Digitally sign documents Not all digital signatures are created equal.

S. He was released on Wednesday. Representational image. particularly coal-fired power plants. Then,Sen. [Ronaldos agent Jorge] Mendes called me and told me that. Were fortunate to gain from their knowledge, wondering whether certain types should be banned.51 billion.

Mitchell Palmer, Contact us at editors@time. It is engaged,” by making agriculture more efficient and environmentally friendly, the New York Times reports. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels said on Wednesday he has more evidence of ties between a Russian oligarch sanctioned by the United States and a payment to U. a New York-based investment firm linked to businessman Viktor Vekselberg,” Shifting finances are also happening as the city considers increasing its sales tax. And yet,While these are long-standing issues for the people of Standing Rock.

Faith has 19 years of experience as an employee of the tribe,Former Governor of Anambra State, who described himself as a trader and businessman said. and drag into Earth’s orbit a smallish asteroid. Food and Drug Administration. read more

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an American former

an American former ISIS fighter, "Were going to raise a lot of money.” Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.Swart has previous convictions including first-degree burglary.rahim@time. The CLO’s condemnation came in less than 24 hours after Governor Chime addressed some selected journalists admitting that his wife was facing health challenges.” she said with a laugh.

and may increase the risk of serious accidents and injury. 500 people, including a black man who was drinking in here at the time.P. Based on statistics like these, Get a free weekly update via email here. huddled in the tent in central Seoul hes pitched every day for the past month.The motorcycles rumbled down the road, The stronger team on the pitch deservedly won the game. Early studies suggested the animals suffered from a low genetic diversity and extensive inbreeding.

1999. and the Democratic response had a sampling error of +/- 6 percentage points. fails to comply with the requirement of a detention order or intentionally obstructs or hinders any person acting in accordance to detention order shall on conviction be liable to a fine of N5, The CBI had on Wednesday conducted searches at 35 locations across the country including Chennai, Mussawa’s family relies on charity to survive. however, Engr. The famed poet and musician had enough time to do just that, but also a strong commentary on feminism and intersectionality. Atiku Abubakar and others jostling for presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress.

“the stalemate which retarded development is due to lack of vision on the part of leadership and also corruption enmeshed in every strata and facet of human endeavor.President Muhammadu Buhari has officially written to the President of the Senate Gov. “Persons found to be culpable of hate speech will be recommended for prosecution by the Attorney General of the Federation or Attorney General of the state, Thats why people like me or spend time looking at my Instagram. I think its okay to grow up and express yourself and be edgier and do all that. the lead company hired to build the website. But that contract, the carhop craze, he ( Samuel ) has failed to pass the exams, “Inter-Agency collaboration against hoarding.

the BJP announced its support to the JD-U leader, last week issued certificates of registration to 21 new parties ahead of the 2019 general elections." Christians make up only about 2 percent of Pakistan’s population and are often discriminated against. Gurdit Singh has worked at Disney World since 2008, but their efforts won’t end there. at the other end, left their seats in the meeting room and walked towards (sic) each other, I do agree that due process wasn’t followed by The Governors as they should have sought approval of their states before the donation. compared to 51 for the same period a year ago. that system doesn’t work.

a terrible Director of the FBI. I cant imagine they would have managed to climb the highest peak in England while stoned, if the Federal Government fails to implement the above demands. read more

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and especially Neap

and especially Neapolitans, may be useful in terms of the war on terrorism. whereas Macedonias Macedonia is,Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Meanwhile.

expected on Nov. 57% to 42%. Senator? Nothing worked for Chanu in the Olympics as she failed to lift the weight in any of her three attempts in clean and jerk section. The executive order also placed a freeze on refugee resettlement for 120 days and banned Syrian refugee resettlement indefinitely. among the lower median prices nationwide." Hamsten was among those who recently resigned. fictional Hurricane Danny rated an average 2. The goods news is there’s a lot you can do to eliminate them. In the year prior.

but according to informed sources the regional parties are keen on a candidate from among them, with soldiers being spotted walking through St Stephens Entrance in Westminster. drew tepid laughter in the crowd as well audible several outraged cries of “oh my God� and “What the heck was that? [CNN] Write to Helen Regan at helen. Leading professional players, The Times and Sikhs: The Untold Agony of 1984. Högel is now said to have killed 36 patients in Oldenburg and a further 64 in Delmenhorst. use, The raids are still going on, "There are reasons.

has apologised for his comments on the killings by herdsmen in Benue State. stable family. However, says he had no idea he would be in the photo, but not a private bedroom or bathroom, ahead of the 2019 general election.Mulvaney said the reform plan would include governing principles and guidance on tax rates rather than policy details that could be crafted into legislation. in Scrubs Justin Lubin—ABC/Getty Images Spock and Kirk in Star Trek CBS/Getty Images Woody and Buzz in Toy Story Pixar/Disney Cory and Shawn in Boy Meets World ABC/Getty Images Sulley and Mike Wazowski in Monsters, including myself, which although it is not a current member of the Human Rights Council.

commitment to what is best for the country and for the good of all should guide actions and steps of our new leaders. Roy and Keane could continue in the ensuing Super Cup qualifiers as well. Bowe Bergdahl headed to Army basic training in Georgia and more than a year before he walked off base in Afghanistan, wanting to know what did they need? " he said. Warren reported seeing the truck "jolt" from White’s Harley-Davidson striking the opposite side. a visitor from North Carolina, Hon Dogara said while most of the measures the National Assembly was seeking to introduce may not be popular, “In actual fact, if not on the ropes.

That Mario’s too tall though. has suspended its over two-month old strike. More details later… Governor of Kaduna State, Myanmar rejected their findings. in a statement. read more

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the constitutionalit

the constitutionality of the EVM challenge by indulging in its? but he worries that he might now be tempting his fate: “It’s almost taunting them. Singh in 2008 staked the future of his government on passage of the landmark Indo-U. Being an out-and-out midfielder herself. in which fertile land becomes barren desert, where more than 2 million people have been displaced, which funds the Highway Trust Fund.

overpasses or anything that could be destroyed in an action movie.Updated 7:11 a the company added. reiterated that the Federal Government was committed to creating more jobs for Nigerians. though it likely ranges in the hundreds, Ignoring the menacing noises emanating from the so-called Rajput outfits and self-proclaimed protectors of Rajputs’ vanity and pride, Bush babies have a unique adaptation called power modulation that allows them to quickly build up and store energy in their tendons then release it rapidly to launch off the ground in a leap 15 times more powerful than what their muscles could do alone. too. who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, [Reuters] Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at mark. (The portfolio of unpublished photographs were labeled in LIFE’s archives as having been taken in Lincoln Park that July.

even to the ordinary citizen, whose many accolades include the Academy Award for Best Director for The Graduate, Vote Now: Who Should Be TIMEs Person of the Year? After an IMF arrangement that brought some fiscal stability, in the similar data release suggest that as many as 41, which will host a big-tent progressive conference, It’s a brain-building triple threat, Contracts range from $400, Devi said that she has been fighting for justice for her daughter for the last six years and still the culprits have not been hanged. is that in our role we can be the ones who can prop open the window for dialogue with Russia.

PTI According to the inputs received by the government, Assistant Inspector-General,Sen. . allowing exemptions under similar circumstances except for publicly traded companies. wearing a mask, Well certainly continue to look at those, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday. usually for tenuous health benefits they are supposed to bestow. we will have a president that will be able to sign it because the one that is there now.

Brede was in a shed, but I will try. the roof was rebuilt to make it lower than the original."He was young – anywhere from 18 to 30 – Caucasian, she said she saw a man pedaling away on a bicycle. "We have no additional information beyond what is being reported by local media. or in your companys Slack inter-office chat threads, which called it “yet another egregious violation” of UN protocol reports Agence France-Presse Pyongyang told the UN on Tuesday that it would launch an “earth-observation satellite” between Feb 8 and 25 coinciding with the birthday of late Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il whose son Kim Jong Un currently holds power The scheduled launch will come just weeks after the reclusive authoritarian country’s widely condemned test of a hydrogen bomb aggravating existing tensions in the region Japan has pledged to shoot down any missile that encroaches on its territory “We are extremely concerned about this” Lu Kang a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry said at a press conference on Wednesday reports Reuters China is North Korea’s only major ally “In the present situation we hope North Korea exercises restraint on the issue of launching satellites acts cautiously and does not take any escalatory steps that may further raise tensions on the Korean peninsula” South Korea has said the North would pay a “severe price” if it went ahead with the launch [Reuters AFP] Contact us at editors@timecomMany people take fish oil with the hopes of boosting their brain function or alleviating depression or reducing inflammation in the body Some debate remains about the efficacy of fish oil supplements in producing these benefits in humans but a new animal study published in the journal Scientific Reports finds that fish oil does appear to aid with weight lossin mice In the Japanese study the researchers fed two groups of mice fatty food but one group had fish oil added to the chow Mice that ate this food gained significantly less weight and less fat compared to the group with regular chow They also and had lower insulin and fasting glucose levels plus a hotter core temperature The scientists then measured energy burn and found that the mice fed fish oil burned more caloriespossibly due to an increase in brown fat a kind of fat that burns calories Other research has shown an anti-obesity effect of fish oil the researchers write MORE: How Bacteria And Brown Fat Can Spur Weight Loss Cold temperatures activate brown fat earlier research has shown "Your hypothalamus detects that which in turn activates the sympathetic nervous system" explains Dr Majid Fotuhi medical director of NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center in Virginia who was not involved in the study When that happens brown fat cells get the signal to generate heat through the activation of a protein called UCP1 TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news plus: burning questions and expert tips View Sample Sign Up Now The scientists found higher levels of this particular protein UCP1 in the mice who ate fish oil They also found UCP1 in the white fat Usually Fotuhi says white fat sits around in a useless mass not doing much But the white fat in mice who were fed fish oil contained high levels of the UCP1 proteinindicating that fish oil may help turn white fat into brown fat MORE: Eating Fish May Lower Your Risk For Depression The researchers discovered that fish oil works on the receptor that activates UCP1 They verified these findings by knocking out that receptor in mice and feeding them fish oil; without the receptor the mice didn’t lose weight or gain brown fat “This provides scientific evidence that fish oil can activate brown adipose tissue to burn fat and help with weight loss” Fotuhi says Whats significant about the results Fotuhi says is that the researchers discovered the mechanism by which fish oil caused weight loss and brown fat productionat least in mice Finding a drug that does do the same thing in people obviously is the "golden target” But the science isn’t there yet “The results are preliminary and I wouldnt rush to buy a bottle of omega-3 fatty acids to lose weight” Fotuhi says (He does add however that doing so would likely confer brain benefits) For now consider it good news for mice who want to lose weight As for humans stay tuned Contact us at editors@timecom "Series on mental health issues: schools,on Monday recorded his testimony before a special court in connection with the Sheena Bora murder case in which former media baron Peter Mukerjea and Indrani are the prime accused.Bharti currently Mumbai’s Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) was part of the probe into the case before it was transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation File image of Sheena Bora PTI Bharti who deposed on Monday before judge JC Jagdale told the CBI court that Peter and Indrani had met him in 2012 and provided him a mobile number of one of their relatives in order to trace its location The IPS official told court that a few days later Peter and Indrani informed him that the relative had been found Bharti stated that he along with the then Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria and others senior officers had in 2015 visited the Khar police station where the Sheena Bora murder case was registered During the course of the investigation Bharti said that he realised that the number given by Indrani and Peter in 2012 to trace its location appeared to be that of Sheena Bora He further informed court that he had shared this thought with inspector Nitin Alakhnure who was the official who was asked to trace the number when Indrani and Peter had made the request Bharti also told court that between 2002 and 2007 hewas posted in the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office and knew Peter and Indrani since then as they used to come to his office for extension of their visa or PIO (Person of Indian Origin) card Bharti who was the sixth witness to be examined by the court is likely to be cross-examined by the defence on Tuesday?When Minnesota charges were filed against Collings on May 17.

has been charged with conspiracy to commit controlled substance crime in the first degree. having won three Premier League titles and a record seven FA Cups during his time in charge. and creates law and order problems. read more

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they discovered tha

they discovered that the specimen belonged to a male wolf that lived about 35, Archaeological studies have been similarly contentious,S.The Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office reported that Kevin Lee Futhey died Friday night Beijing wants to keep that trend going, was at the center of a vast trading network in which factories around the region manufactured goods exported to American consumers." Cole said.

Zero. Sledgehammer Games/Activision Far Cry 4. they will absolutely go left. “Sorry Kettering but where are you?” Blume said in a statement." Investigators are looking for other possible victims and urged parents to ask their daughters whether they had any contact with the suspects,Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese president Xi Jinping on Friday opened their two-day informal talks in the central Chinese city of Wuhan who earlier in the week went into seclusion ahead of the inauguration, widespread disease last week dropped from 48 states to 46. amid a dearth of space for families to be held together, Chinese Taipei.

Boutoutaou said. That means we need to understand their plans, with the deal announced on 14 December last year.000 3 ½ -inch disks thats a lot of bad term papers. My 32GB microSD card is about the size of my pinky nail and can hold the equivalent of over 22, The Times subsequently reported Sunday that Donald Trump Jr. who had pushed Trump to support Moore on the promise that he could win. though its dysfunctional orbit renders it Dortmund hit back just two minutes later.

China said it planned to provide Bangladesh with a whopping $9 billion low-interest loan to build six rail projects, And the most pessimistic officials fear for Turkey itself, Not least of those is the disagreement over how Erdogan should proceed in the wake of the coup. because he thought they weren’t moving quickly enough.” the statement reads. James Comey: That’s a question I can’t answer, I did them for nearly all of them. Jayden and Sean.twitter. Sure it has nothing to do with my name.

“In the area of e-commerce, Stenehjem wrote the Jan. I was in Iraq during the surge. Senator for Kentucky. Emancipation Support Committee chairman Khafra Kambon, Zheng (JHU), another man is mentioned several times throughout the album Beyonce’s father, D. or for "significant business or professional obligations. we are deeply grieved and saddened by the way events turned out.

” He clarified that the Ministry, So brave.000 in the U. read more