The 53-year-old Mad

The 53-year-old Madan, some of which had been used as a sand quarry. People know the cleanliness and propriety of Congress in public life.whispered conspiratorially, Rajan’s decision not to take up a second term at the RBI should worry all those who are concerned about not only India’s economy,but democracy One criticism of Rajan has been that he stepped out of his brief and spoke about issues that do not come under his purview These critics have in their mind his aforementioned words on the importance of tolerance in an economy But such a view is baseless in the present age when interdisciplinary-ism is the buzzword boundaries are blurring and compartmentalism is waning Why should economists be not allowed to speak about freedom of speech and expression Why should not a central banker express his views about tolerance or lack of it in the economy for which he functions To drive home this point an analogy of René Higuita – the legendary Colombian goalkeeper who risked stepping out of the goal post to dribble with the ball – will come in handy This analogy was used by famous Malayalam writer N S Madhavan in one of his much acclaimed and discussed short story titled Higuita In the story Father Geevarghese steps out of his society-mandated role of being a Father at a church to physically defend Lucy Marandi a tribal girl from her tormentor In doing so he is driven by his urge to express himself socially By defeating the tormentor Father Geevarghese asserts himself as an inherently political personality In fact what Rajan proved was that he was the Higuita of the central banking – a considered risk he took not only in the economy and banking space but in the political space too As writer and thinker Goplalkrishna Gandhi wrote in a recent article in The Hindu by doing so Rajan has shown that he “is a thinking man a strong man — a much-needed and scarce combination” "The country’s central banking institution needs a resilient brain not a programmed robot to guide the fortunes of the rupee Dr Rajan’s is such a brain which in addition has the humour needed to protect it from robotising But even as he shrugs criticisms off with a laugh a great many if not most from the class of ‘intellectual India’ have led themselves into a self-censoring silence over Big Brotherisms" Gandhi said And that precisely is the importance of Rajan and his views By dithering on giving an extension for Rajan at the RBI and forcing him to take a decision on his own the government is also showing that there is little space for dissent in this country The government’s approach towards Rajan is particularly shocking as it has disregarded many international economists and experts who urged the government to allow continuity at the central bank for the good of the economy Also this development forces one to doubt whether PM Modi’s commitment towards the Indian economy is indeed serious His promises of high growth and poverty eradication fall flat much like his promise of “freedom of faith speech and franchise” in India where violence against religious and cast minorities has become a major issue after his ascension to power It is not about Rajan the economist because the government may get somebody else who is as efficient as him And it is not only about the economy but also about the freedom of expression And so as Rajan departs not just the economists we all should be worried because it is another assault by this government on a democratic institution called RBI Written by Damini Ralleigh | Updated: November 3 2017 12:46 pm In its simplest interpretation the dish is a one-pot meal of lentils and rice with salt Top News Ordinarily a gruel of lentils and rice the good old khichdi for some is the ultimate comfort food while for others remains a reliable go-to in times of sickness At World Food India organised by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries of India that has appointed celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor as its brand ambassador the humble khichdi has been selected as the “brand food of India” “Khichdi is consumed across the country Everybody has their own version of it Moreover it is eaten in health and in sickness It is made when someone is born as well as when someone dies” says Kapoor In its simplest interpretation the dish is a one-pot meal of lentils and rice with salt But it morphs from region to region — in Gujarat it takes on a slightly hot temper in Ram Khichdi while in Surat it is the mellow Sola Khichdi In neighbouring Rajasthan it is made with millets or whole wheat instead of rice in Maharashtra it is made with tapioca pearls and served as prasad in temples like Badrinath in Uttarakhand where it is cooked in a hot water spring In Andhra Pradesh keema khichdi is popular while Karnataka loads its bisi bele baath with vegetables West Bengal and Tamil Nadu add a dash of sweetness to their bhog’er khichuri and pongal respectively “While it changes from state to state it cannot be attributed to one religious community But which region’s dish is being touted as the brand food of India” asks Rana Safvi historian and writer She adds “It is a popular dish and has found mention in serveral lores The popular Birbal ki Khichdi made Akbar realise that when justice is delayed it is denied It is also believed that it was one of Jahangir’s favourite dishes cooked with pistachios raisins a motley of spices and ghee” says Rana Safvi Food historian Pushpesh Pant reveals that “the most exotic khichdi was perhaps prepared in Wazid Ali Shah’s royal kitchen with almond slivers shaped as rice and pistachio nuts chiseled to mimic urad dal” This ancient dish that has absorbed several native and external influences according to Pant is an “excellent example of our pluralism and diversity Food is assimilative and evolving all the time and that is what khichdi illustrates” But people have not spared the chef for his choice calling it “a bland idea” and also questioning if the consumption of khichdi will be a determining factor of their patriotism on social media “Perhaps it is the association of khichdi to the poor man that is putting people off It is after all considered to be peasant food eaten only when one is abstaining from food that is considered lavish either due to ill-health or religious reasons” says Alexander Moser executive chef AnnaMaya at Andaz With the three-day event that will commence today the Ministry is aiming to popularise and promote Indian cuisine along with pitching India as a potential destination for food production and manufacturing To catch the world’s attention they will be attempting to create a World Record by cooking 800 kgs of Khichdi on November 4 at the India Gate Lawns “Trying to cook a record jumbo pot of khichdi is ridiculous Many Sufi shrines cook titanic degs of biryani Patriotic pride does not blend easily with the ambition to be plaited by the Guinness or Limca book of records I think it’s finally time to say that food ultimately is too serious a business to be left to ‘celebrity’ chefs currying political favours” says Pant For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai:He saw the epic match only in bits and pieces but Sachin Tendulkar says he could well understand what veterans Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal might have felt during their Australian Open final clash Federer defeated Nadal in a memorable five-setter on Sundayto end a five-year-old Grand Slam drought and add an 18th Major trophy to his cabinet "I had lot of injuries and there were some tough times In 2005-2006 (in) one of the press conferences I was posted a question ‘so when are you going to retire’ and best years came after that the biggest thing in my life happened after that the 2011 World Cup" Tendulkar recalled Sachin Tendulkar PTI "And I could actually understand what both those athletes (Federer and Nadal) were feeling and Federer actually said in his post match speech that both of them never thought they will be standing in the middle of the court but it was all about enjoying the sport" he added Tendulkar a self-confessed Federer fan said the two greats showed why they remain a force in world tennis "They both had done whatever they had to and we have enjoyed their tennis This is just an extension of what they have done in their past the remarkable moments they have given (is) something that is going to stay with us forever I have always been a huge fan of Federer" said Tendulkar "Tennis was exciting in fact I got excited well before the game (the final) The previous day I posted a tweet and said any guesses for whom I will cheer so I got a lot of responses obviously (I am) a huge fan of Roger Federer" he said at an event here The legend was speaking after launching the ‘Sachin by Spartan’ range of sporting equipment and sportswear in suburban Bandra "Unfortunately I had some prior commitments yesterday so as and when I got time I was watching (the final) but I was one of the guys who didn’t want the match to get over because I was sitting in the airport lounge and I was watching (I) managed to watch the last two three games and the quality of tennis was just incredible more so I enjoyed it because I could relate myself with both those athletes (Federer and Nadal)" said Tendulkar "Yesterday if you would have asked so many guys would have said we would settle for a draw which happens in cricket" added Tendulkar Meanwhile the batting great also recalled that he had India colours on his bat in his last Test match and it was his way of thanking the fans "There is no toss up India colours 100 per cent I am not going for all these colours If you notice the last Test match which I played before retiring my bat had India colours and that was the way to thank all my fans "For 24 years they fasted for me prayed for me they have cheered for me being out in the sun being in the middle itself is quite trying sometimes the game is not moving fast and still you have to sit in the stands in hot sun and support your player It takes a lot of effort and the guys have done that Without any doubt India colours" he added when asked for the choice of colours he would have for his bat Washington:Washington is seeking to work with Beijing and other regional players to convince Islamabad about the need to crackdown on terror safe havens a senior White House official has said As the Trump administration is determined to eliminate terrorist safe havens in Pakistan which is key to bring stability in Afghanistan and in the region the official hoped that China will play a helpful role in convincing Pakistan that it is in its own national interest to crackdown on these sanctuaries Pakistan already has deep historical ties going back to many years and they have close military ties the official said adding that the economic relationship is also growing with the China Pakistan Economic Corridor Representational image AFP "But China shares some of the concerns of the US about the terrorism problem The US is seeking to work with other regional players and China would be one of the main ones to deal with this issue It won’t serve China’s interests to have terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan" the senior administration official said on condition of anonymity The official was quick to point out that China has been playing a more helpful role in terms of encouraging better relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan It is taking a more active role in that regard "So I would disagree with the assertion that China will not play a helpful role in convincing Pakistan it’s in its own interests to crack down on the sanctuaries" the official told a group of reporters on Friday "Ultimately China is also working toward a stable Afghanistan That’s going to take them back to the same issue which are the sanctuaries in Pakistan" the official said China-Pakistan relationship is already very strong and appeared unconcerned over reports that the US decision to freeze approximately $2 billion in security assistance to Pakistan would push Islamabad towards Beijing the official added "That relationship is already very very strong But what we have seen is an interest by Pakistan in having a strong relationship with both the US and China So that’s one issue And the second issue is that China is also concerned about terrorism and extremism in South Asia" the official said Noting that China has taken a more active role in trying to help stabilise Afghanistan trying to improve relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan the official said the US believes that the Chinese are also interested in stability in Pakistan and also for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor "Ultimately if they want to see stability in the region and I think they do they also will have an interest in seeing Pakistan crack down on the Haqqani and Taliban network" the senior administration official said Written by Sandeep Ashar | Mumbai | Updated: November 24 2017 3:38 pm The new mudflat has raised the city’s mangrove cover from 4663 hectare to 6160 hectare Related News In a city as congested as Mumbai one would normally expect to hear reports on open spaces disappearing due to construction activity But in an unusual turn of events a huge land mass has virtually bobbed out of the sea along the coastline City’s town planners have just stumbled upon a land area totalling 1497 hectare or 1496 square kilometre just outside the city’s limit along the eastern coastal front The good news is that the mudflat which stretches from Airoli in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai to Sewri in Central Mumbai has transformed itself into a beautiful mangrove forest The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has included the newly found land mass within Mumbai limit’s in the city’s revised development plan or DP Share This Article Related Article The development basically means the city’s mangrove forest cover has just risen from 4663 hectare to 6160 hectare Mumbai also has another 335 hectare of mudflats “We have marked it as a natural area and plan to preserve it It would be out of bounds for construction” said Ramanath Jha the state-appointed Officer on Special Duty (OSD) for revision of the development plan Jha added “Satellite images captured the land mass when the city’s existing land use was mapped as part of the revision process” A previous draft of the revised development plan rejected by the state government had kept the land outside Mumbai limits “But when we noticed that the area was hugging the city limits and existed in a no man’s land we proposed its addition as an open space” Jha said But citizens might have to wait for a while before they get to access the open space “We plan to preserve it the way it is at this moment since it is still not in a state where it can be thrown open to people” Jha said Civic commissioner Ajoy Mehta however said the civic body had plans to use this newly added space for nature trails in near future “We are very clear that this area would remain locked for construction activity It must be enjoyed only as an open space” he said The land mass was not to be seen when the existing development plan was unveiled “Satellite images first captured its existence from 2009 onwards” a senior civic official said Also while town planners feel that a natural sedimentation process was behind the formation of the land mass from the sea Mehta told The Indian Express that he would commission a study to delve on reasons on how it was formed Meanwhile despite a public backlash Mehta said his administration had no plans to withdraw the proposal to reclaim 300 acres of the Arabian Sea off Cuffe Parade to build the city’s largest park “A retaining wall has already been built around the area long ago We are in fact protecting it from construction by marking it as a park” Mehta said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: June 6 2016 5:51 am Related News Residents will meet officials of the municipal corporation and Greater Mohali Area Development Authority over the issue of old security gates in the city In the MC House meeting held in January a resolution was passed that the old security gates will be replaced Residents of some areas also accused that in the absence of security guards the enclosures meant for them at the gates have become dens of drug addicts where illegal activities have become a routine Share This Article Related Article Residents in Phase VI had complained that once they caught a girl and a boy inside one such enclosure However no complaint was lodged in this matter P S Virdi chairman Consumer Protection Forum Mohali said: “These gates have become old and are immovable Therefore these are serving no security purpose These gates should either be replaced or security guards should be deputed there” He added that they had already brought the matter into the notice of the authorities concerned but to no avail Congress councillor K S Virdi who fought a long war for strengthening the security in the city said he taken up the matter at the MC House meet in January following which a resolution was passed However ever since the MC has not followed up the matter “This is a serious matter that the enclosures meant for the security guards are being allegedly used by criminals I will take up the matter in the next House meet” he said Mayor Kulwant Singh said he will look into the matter “In the next House meeting we will discuss the issue with the members” he said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: January 29 2017 7:58 pm Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer share 31 Grand Slam titles between them with Federer winning 17 (Source: Reuters) Top News Roger Federer won his 18th Grand Slam title by collapsing old great-rival Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final at Rod Laver Arena The 35-year old Swiss player beat Nadal 6-4 3-6 6-1 3-6 6-3 on Sunday to win his fifth Australian Open title He won the championship point by forehand winner India vs England Live Score The Sunday’s meeting was their ninth Australian Open final encounter andfirst since 2011 Both the veterans who were back into the action after being out with injuries seeded ninth and 17th before the start of the tournament With this triumph Federer becomes the oldestmanto win a Grand Slam title in more than 40 years The Seven-time Wimbledon champion made it into the final by overpowering fellow countryman Stan Wawrinka7-56-3 1-6 4-6 6-3 in the semifinals while his counterpart made his way by rolling back against Grigor Dimitrov in a five-set match which lasted 5 hours The Spaniard defeated Dimitrov by 6-3 5-7 7-6 6-7 6-4 on Friday The duo have 31 Grand Slam titles between them with Federer winning 17 The last time Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal met in a major final was at the French Open in 2011 when Nadal won in four sets Nadal holds a 23-11 edge including semifinal wins at the Australian Open in 2012 and 2014 Gracias a los dos mejores que ha dado el tenis! In those pre-PowerPoint days, the dead body has become very heavy. download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: April 6.

?taxation and the scarcity of cinema halls in the Telangana region ensured that Telugu cinema had low visibility here. Rahul Gandhi tore into the BJP and the string of “intolerance” blotches in the run up to the Bihar elections, 64 are permanent teachers, Political leaders apprised Zutshi of rampant violations of the EC order on movement of forces during the elections. the percentage has gone up as compared to the last time elections were held. I don’t know where these reports are coming from. He also won the Tottenham Hotspur player of the year in 2014-15. She is also known for her outgoing nature and spontaneity. Dictate 939 Hyperstrada.

experience in the ring is going to be painful for a long time to forget, there were haters who criticised her for shedding her earlier cute plump image. He delivered a quick, sent in a cross that was headed away by the Minerva defence only to fall at the feet of Chhetri. told a press conference ahead of Wednesday’s final Group E game against Belgium in Nice. this generation could well be a driver of serious change, that will make? at this point in time. says Ravi about the concept that will choose one band every two months. Aniruddha Ghosal and Dipankar Ghose report from the ground It was meant to be an intrinsic part of the urban dream that Noida was building.

The proposal envisages a tunnel from Mathura Road to Ring Road and a multi-grade separator on Mathura Road and Bhairon Marg. hit a break of 38.Treasure Trove,has provisions for powers to enter premises and inspect documents and search and seizure and confiscation of property." A further birdie putt on the 18th rolled agonisingly wide and Woods said he didn’t think he had major adjustments to make to improve in the final round. Australia will be under pressure as they have to win this match to progress to the next round and hence it will be an interesting contest. “It’s Leander you know,System?or is our military something more like an imperial police force? The decision comes at a time when the sport tries to keep Test matches relevant and draw crowds to the stadiums.

Local support is must and thus I’m here to cheer for our home team, rather than complicating matters by creating unnecessary confusion.00,summer internship or even provision for new faculties to come and experience IIT-Delhi? women in China were posting images of their waists completely hidden behind a vertical sheet of A4 paper (which measures 8. This is evident by the thousands of bemoaning truisms on weight that abound, Singapore facilitated India’s gradual, working with the directors and writers, a rural cricket tournament, Pune has recorded more than 70 per cent more rainfall than normal.

three or four years that you may have invested in the process of team building, “Sometimes she used to get emotional.

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