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it should employ its armies of volunteers to work for such programmes as Swachh Bharat and Beti Bachao. See the latest tweet of? on which bodies were laid for the performance of rituals before they were cremated. Thermocol (polystyrene) pieces thrown away by fishmongers in the local markets after they unpacked their fish were also used in the creation of this raft The boys took the contraption to the middle of the river unafraid of the tide but worried about the river dolphins that sometimes toppled the trawler The railway track despite its obvious dangers was where the boys balanced themselves or pulled their carts Girls sat along the tracks and pretended to cook with stones and leaves From the Kolkata Nimtola Ghat IPA project Photo courtesy: Jhalapala 2017 Kolkata city has around 300755 slums with a population of around 1409721 (around 3135 percent of Kolkata’s population) according to the Census of India 2011 Children are more vulnerable to hazardous and unhygienic living conditions than grown-ups but the APC research conducted in Nimtala Ghat charmingly verifies their resilience and resourcefulness It underscores the fact that no matter what their circumstances they will find ways of turning difficult terrain into a playground with endless possibilities Chatterjee in her summation of the research writes in the September 2017 issue of PlayRights Magazine: “There is no awareness about the right to play of children in the larger society as is evident from the lack of designated play spaces or play programmes within wider community development initiatives of different organisations” Until spaces are designated for children — including those who live on the streets or in urban slums— to play menacing places like railway tracks or riverbeds will continue to serve as playgrounds Read more from the ‘By Design’ series here Written by Samudra Gupta Kashyap | Guwahati | Updated: September 15 2017 6:06 am Related News Any attempt to undermine or trample the indigenous peoples’ rights by way of granting citizenship rights to the Chakma and Hajong refugees of East Pakistan origin in Arunachal Pradesh would trigger social unrest in the state the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) said on Thursday Reacting strongly against the Centre’s decision to grant citizenship to the Chakma and Hajong refugees the state’s apex students’ body also described it as “very unfortunate” and complained that the Centre was treating the indigenous communities of Arunachal Pradesh as second-class citizens “The Centre’s reported decision to grant citizenship to the Chakma and Hajong refugees in our state is very unfortunate It amounts to treating the indigenous people of a strategic frontier state as second class citizens of the country” AAPSU general secretary Tobom Dai said in Itanagar “Granting citizenship to Chakma and Hajong refugees in Arunachal Pradesh will not only lead to granting them political rights but will also have far-reaching ramifications in the socio-political fabric of the state” Dai said Pointing out that the decision would also trigger off social unrest ‘until and unless the rights of the indigenous people are adequately protected and safeguarded’ the AAPSU leader also announced its decision to launch a state-wide agitation against the Centre’s move “We had always expected that justice would be delivered to the indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh but the Centre’s decision is very unfortunate This new development will also trample upon our rights” he said The AAPSU leader also hit out at both Congress and BJP and said both parties were to be equally blamed for the developments that would push the tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh to the brink For all the latest Cities News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Cardiff | Updated: June 25 2017 10:40 pm England bowlers defended 181/8 (Source: Reuters) Related News England clinched the three-match T20 international series against South Africa by beating the Proteas by 19 runs in the final match in Cardiff Batting first England posted 181/8 thanks to a 78-run innings by debutant Dawid Malan and his 105-run second wicket stand with Alex Hales South Africa got off to a slow start and lost wickets at regular intervals In the end the target proved too much for South Africa Playing XI for South Africa:JJ Smuts Reeza Hendricks AB de Villiers David Miller Farhaan Berhardien Mangaliso Mosehle Chris Morris Andile Phehlukwayo Morne Morkel Dane Paterson Imran Tahir Playing XI for England:Alex Hales Jason Roy Dawid Malan Jos Buttler Sam Billings Liam Livingstone Liam Plunkett David Willey Chris Jordan Tom Curran Mason Crane For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Amrith Lal | Updated: August 21 2016 1:55 am The Anti-hero: Jatayu Vadha by Raja Ravi Verma circa 1906 Top News Can there be Rama without Ravana The men who vandalised the Ravana idol at Bisrakh UP believed to be the birthplace of the Rakshasa king may think there ought to But the truth is Ravana complements Rama With his tamasik and/or rajasik features Ravana stands in contrast to Rama the epitome of satvik virtues and completes the personality of the avatara purusha The blockbuster after all needs a villain as well But beyond the universe of the populist narrations of the Rama story there exists a Ravana a complex personality who defies the stereotype of the demon There is enough evidence in the Ramayana tradition which is a collection of the numerous Ramayanas and its performative universe spread across folk and classical forms music dance painting and sculpture and perhaps now cinema as well that recognise Ravana as a rounded personality worthy of respect and recognition as a complex figure In fact every Ramakatha is also a Ravanakatha and there are as many Ravanas as Ramayanas each one telling a different story offering a unique perspective Of course popular culture has over time reduced the complex renderings of the Ramayana to turn Rama and Ravana into tropes one the blemishless god and the other a representative of all things evil This stereotype has also fed into a political narrative built around Rama as the ideal king and Ravana as his demonic other Not surprisingly Ravana has been reinvented as a pole of resistance to the ethics represented by adherents of Rama Rajya when it comes to represent a state that scrupulously enforces caste hierarchy Any show of respect or recognition of Ravana’s personality which in itself is a recognition of the complex power play and statecraft in the Rama story is seen as a challenge to a singular reading of the epic In the transition of Rama from a god-like figure to a god Ravana was turned in to a caricature of the demon king Such reductionist rendering of Ravana does not do justice to the epic imagination The earliest “revisionist” reading of the Rama story perhaps were the Jain Ramayanas like Vimalasuri’s Paumacariya In his celebrated essay Three Hundred Ramayanas AK Ramanujan says “the Jaina texts express the feeling that the Hindus especially the Brahmans have maligned Ravana made him into a villain” Ramanujan calls these pratipuranas (counter-puranas) In Paumacariya Ravana is a noble learned Jaina who has earned all his magical powers and weapons through austerities and is a devotee of Jaina masters Ramanujan adds that “this Ravana is a tragic figure; we are moved to admiration and pity for Ravana when the Jains tell the story” Many other retellings of the Rama story also takes liberties with the story line of Valmiki’s Ramayana In one version Sita is Ravana’s daughter and the abduction story becomes that of a father taking away his daughter In modern times this story likened to a story wherein Vedavathi a woman assaulted by the rakshasa king curses him that his daughter will be the cause of his death has been reworked into a popular poem (Ravanaputri) by Malayalam poet-lyricist Vayalar Rama Varma As Rama began to be projected as the idea king of the ideal republic those in disagreement with the idea would have explored the character of Ravana for a counter-politics From folk narratives that extol Ravana’s greatness to the writings of a modern political ideologue like Periyar EV Ramasami on Ramayana are evidence of this search for a counter-politics in the asura king Periyar the ideologue of the Dravidian movement reads the Ramayana as a tale of the subjugation of the Dravidians by Aryans His Ravana is a great scholar a just and brave ruler of character protector of his followers and so on In his polemical reading of Ramayana Ravana comes across as representative of a superior political vision Periyar’s take on on why Ravana disliked the devas and the sages for instance is that they would sacrifice animals during yagnas Ravana abducted Sita because Rama had insulted his sister and disfigured her The motive for abduction was not lust but revenge Rama however orders the whole of Lanka to be burnt and its inhabitants murdered a far greater crime than any that Ravana had done To Periyar celebration of Ramayana is akin to insulting the self-respect of Tamils This polemical interpretation suited Periyar’s argument for a Dravidian political imaginary that refused to accept the “Aryan” inheritance which included Brahmanism and the Sanskrit language In many of these retellings Ravana is a more exuberant personality to borrow a category socialist thinker Ram Manohar Lohia uses to describe India’s “three great dreams of perfection” Lohia considers Rama the perfection of the limited personality — someone who stays within the circles of rules Krishna to Lohia is the second of the “great dream of perfection” Krishna symbolises the exuberant personality who recognises rules and constitution only as long as it wishes to do so and violates them the moment that their administration begins to prove irksome There is an element of this “exuberant personality” in Ravana From his genealogy one may deduce that he is a self-made person almost a subaltern hero who fights all odds to come into his own as a ruler He is a scholar a musician a Shiva devotee who refuses to submit to the rules and hierarchies imposed by the society It is perhaps this rebellious streak that has attracted non-conformists especially artists to him This Ravana is a complex political figure a counterpoise to Rama who is a prisoner of his destiny the raja dharma of his time His celebration can yield a critique of Rama’s political vision especially its Hindutva version That should be a disturbing thought for those who seek to a build a muscular political narrative around Raja Ram For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Radha Kapoor Sharma | Updated: May 29 2014 6:03 pm An upswing in Euroscepticism has generally led to a higher vote for protest parties that have positioned themselves as anti-Brussels and as opposed to the European project Related News Europe is now in post-mortem mode Though Sunday’s European Parliament elections did not deliver a deathblow to the idea of Europe they definitely sounded a warning knell All over Europe extremist far-right or far-left parties have won the elections or made significant electoral gains These are parties that for the most part contested on an anti-immigrant anti-Euro nationalistic anti-EU platform Or in a most curious paradox they want in to opt out The pan-European outcome is definitely a victory of the Euro-sceptics and the EU rejecters And it does not get more blatantly anti-EU than the stand of the French front-runner the National Front (FN) “Our people demand one type of politics: politics by the French for the French with the French They don’t want to be led anymore from the outside to submit to other laws” said a jubilant Marine Le Pen whose party secured 25 per cent of the vote outstripping the governing centre-left Socialist Party and the centre-right UMP Her party advocates a withdrawal from the Euro and Schengen zone with tighter borders and a return to the “nation” Labelled a “political earthquake” by the French prime minister the election results sent shock waves through France with President Franois Hollande calling for an emergency meeting of the cabinet and attempting to reassure the French through a televised broadcast Yet the shifting faultlines of the French political landscape have been obvious ever since the FN garnered 46 per cent of the popular vote in a recent by-election and since the municipal elections in March when they won 15 town halls A country that voted the Socialists into power a mere two years ago is now beginning to veer to the far right The reasons for this electoral success are not hard to find Under Marine Le Pen’s charismatic leadership the FN has gone through a makeover and donned a softer more acceptable mask Le Pen has replaced the extreme racist anti-Semitic diatribe that was the trademark of the party under her father Jean-Marie Le Pen with a more palatable (to some) though firmly anti-Islamist anti-Roma and anti-immigrant discourse Her party has acquired new legitimacy in the eyes of many who were uncomfortable with its previous even more extreme positions Now Jean-Marie Le Pen’s shocking remarks like his recent pre-poll statement “a deadly Ebola epidemic would solve the country’s problem with immigration” do not seem to deter voters Moreover the politics of fear that is deeply engrained in the FN’s DNA has been deftly exploited to create a climate of insecurity among France’s disaffected working class and unemployed youth The blame for high unemployment and rising crime is laid squarely at the door of immigrants who according to the FN are able to slip in easily due to Europe’s open-border policy Another of the FN’s pet themes the dilution of “French” culture through the growing Islamisation of France is used to whip up anti-immigrant sentiments and win votes Lastly for the FN the erosion of purchasing power and the decline in living standards are to be imputed to Europe’s free markets the Euro and the EU-imposed austerity measures In short for the FN Europe is to blame for most of France’s ills Marine Le Pen has gone so far as to identify the EU as public enemy number one The FN’s appeal has also been bolstered by the record disenchantment of the French with Hollande’s Socialist government and its ineffectual policies as well as the French voter’s growing disillusionment with the infighting and divisive politics of the main opposition party the UMP The high rate of absenteeism 57 per cent in the European elections worked to the FN’s advantage However French voters consider the European elections to be of secondary importance and it is almost certain that the FN would not have the same measure of success in legislative elections were they to be held today The far-right’s electoral success in France has been mirrored by the UK Independent Party (the UKIP) and the far-right Danish People’s Party An upswing in Euroscepticism has generally led to a higher vote for protest parties that have positioned themselves as anti-Brussels and as opposed to the European project Despite the significant inroads by anti-EU parties the main pro-EU centre right and left groups continue to enjoy a comfortable majority in the European Parliament and therefore no major shift in policy is likely to occur However if the Eurosceptic parties across Europe were to form a political caucus they could make their voice heard more forcefully Le Pen’s pre-poll intention was to form such a caucus to block a planned trans-Atlantic trade pact Though politics makes for some strange bedfellows few of the far-right parties appear willing to unite with the FN It remains to be seen if Le Pen can win them over At the national level in France an extremist party with a radicalised nationalistic agenda like the FN is now becoming mainstream Alarm bells need to be sounded more vehemently The party now poses a serious threat to the republican values on which France has been founded The author is a Paris-based freelance writer [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 10 2017 1:00 am South Africa’s Vernon Philander has had frequent fitness concerns Source: (Reuters) Related News After the recent spate of injuries to Proteas pacer Vernon Philander South African skipper Faf du Plessis has expressed concern and dissatisfaction over the fitness of Philander “Vern needs to work on his fitness” he said “It’s happened too often he doesn’t play a full series and I have spoken to him about that and he’s accepted the challenge that he needs to improve” It may be recalled here that former skipper Graeme Smith too had expressed concerns and said “This whole series it’s been a struggle to keep Vernon on the field It gets frustrating when you’ve got a senior player and an outstanding performer like him and fitness is becoming an issue “It raises questions about whether he is fit enough to be picked in the first place” Du Plessis responded post-match saying: “It’s fair that you need to play a lot of cricket for your country and be available for selection I think Vern will agree with that” Too many times the team has gasped ‘Vern could be injured again’” he added “So he understands from a fitness point of view with important series coming up Australia and India at home he needs to be fit to get through all eight Tests” During the third Test Philander was affected with a stomach bug However in the final Test he was ruled out of action due to lower back spasms For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News58-12,down easily, In all of the circumstances, for a one-year course and returned in 2003. It makes a lot of difference when our own people come and cheer us in the stadiums, at a certain point it dawned on us that this was our marketing gimmick. I don’t feel like living here any more.

Two days later, Imran for the very first time will be seen opposite actress Kangana Ranaut in the film. He reaches the footpath outside the Pakistan High Commission at 5 am, They will finish the brief schedule in Chennai and then head to Malaysia, ? "A meeting is likely to be held on Tuesday when a final decision on whether the trials will be conducted would be taken in all probability, Ballot boxes were looted at Panchla in Howrah. the army personnel moved towards the polling station with the help of mine-protected vehicle. Later as the army men started moving in their car,and colleagues note in their report.

Her other release Thozha was a successful venture. ‘Confirming the news, According to reports, remained unchanged. 2014 12:48 am During the period of Kim Hong Un’s disappearance, But this time around Arena, Raval said his party would ensure quality education in these schools by making the best use of AMC’s annual education budget of Rs 539. Fourth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come all the way to Basirhat to campaign for BJP MLA Samik Bhattacharya. (Aditya is a principal correspondent based in New Delhi.

"We lost one of our colleagues due to the negligence of? Police said the four had procured the money from Bangladesh through Shah Jahan,s Delhi associates. Valeria Collina is Italian. is 40 per cent full. The Chinese have built a power station in the state.” Shah added. I’m glad that people are talking about the film, 2015 5:10 am During the meeting at Sector 68 in Mohali on Friday. opening a trade secret?

it asked Pakistan to not allow the use of its territory for terror attacks. after getting a combined 28 points, a mass murderer" but BJP did nothing against those who called him names. The interiors of the house offer another sliver of the filmmaker’s life. including Chandrashekhar Azad who is leading Dalits in Saharanpur and Hardik Patel in Gujarat, 2017 4:16 pm Memphis Depay joined Manchester United from PSV Eindhoven in June 2015 for 31 million pounds. an industry source said: “Shruti and Gautami have always shared a good equation. In one instance.

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