Victim testifies about 2012 shooting near Vancouver Lake

first_imgAfter being shot five times near Vancouver Lake, Freddie Landstrom dove into a swamp, covered himself with mud and crawled away from his assailant, according to his testimony in Clark County Superior Court on Wednesday.“I wanted to stay away so he couldn’t find me,” he said.The 39-year-old Beaverton, Ore., man took the stand in the trial of Pedro “Junior” Godinez Jr., 20, of Vancouver. Godinez is accused of kidnapping, robbing and attempting to murder Landstrom on Nov. 28, 2012.Landstrom sometimes sounded breathless and panicked as he recounted the events of the night.As he hid in the swamp, he said, he didn’t know where he was.“I stayed there, it seemed like an eternity,” he said.It was so dark that he couldn’t see anything but a distant blinking light.“I was getting dizzy,” he said. “I thought, ‘I just got to get to that light.’”Landstrom said he pulled off a sock and held it to his head to stop bleeding from a gunshot wound. Sometimes, he said, he became disoriented. He said he talked to himself and resisted closing his eyes.He said he walked about a mile before a piece of wire caught his shoulder.“There’s a wire,” he said. “There’s got to be something, so I followed the wire.”He eventually saw the lights of Kadow’s Marina, at 10612 N.W. Lower River Road, went down a walkway and started knocking on the door of a houseboat. The lights were on inside, he said.“I said, ‘Help, I’ve been shot.’ ” Then, the houseboat’s lights went off, he said. He said he tried knocking at another door without success before returning to the first door. This time, he said, he identified himself by name and again asked for help.last_img

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