Google tries for the TV a third time now with a 35

first_imgGoogle has been paying attention to the web. They see that people are consuming more and more media online. While most people watch on their computers, very few watch on the television. Google TV was their first attempt to bring the web to the TV, but that didn’t work out very well. Google’s Chrome team has a new approach to bringing the web to the TV, and they have called it Chromecast.Chromecast is a simple HDMI dongle that gets plugged in to the back of the television and works in much the same way that Google’s Nexus Q was designed to work. Your mobile device becomes the controller, and you can share content from your phone to the television. In areas where you are allowed to Chromecast, you’ll see a logo pop up that allows you to stream content from that app to the television. For YouTube, this means being able to re-create the Nexus Q experience with anyone who is on your home network. While streaming, you still have the ability to use your phone the way you want, because the phone is just the instruction point. The actual streaming is happening on the HDMI stick.Chromecast can stream 1080p with 5.1 surround sound, and can be controlled by Android, iOS, or anything running Google Chrome in a PC environment. Apps that are connected to Chromecast are aware of what is streaming on your device, and synchronizes between them. If you leave, the video doesn’t stop being streamed because the stream is actually happening on the dongle. Like the Nexus Q, all of Google’s properties are available to stream. Google Play Music and Movies are included, but Pandora and Netflix are among the list of supported apps as well. A beta feature that is expected to be available with the launch of the Chromecast is the ability to clone your web browser on your television. Anything with a Chrome tab can share just the browser onto the television.Developers who want to take advantage of this tools have access to the Google Cast SDK, with a developer preview being made available today to make their apps compliant with this new feature. According to Google, this will be a very simple tool that can be easily added to any app. The SDK is available for Chrome, iOS, and Android.Chromecast will be available for $35 in the US on the Google Play store, dramatically undercutting competitors like Apple TV and AirPlay. Starting July 28th, Chromecast will also be available in Best Buy locations, and for a limited time will include a free month of Netflix for new subscribers.last_img

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