Nintendo to release own games digitally on 3DS and Wii U from

first_imgOf all the games hardware companies out there, Nintendo is the one that has dragged its heels the most when it comes to embracing digital content for its platforms. Things have improved significantly over the lifetime of the Wii and with the introduction of the 3DS, but Nintendo’s devices are still playing catch up to rivals.With the launch of the PS Vita, Sony took the step of promising to release every game in digital form day-and-date with the retail version. CEO Satoru Iwata has now confirmed Nintendo will do the same with its first party titles for 3DS and the Wii U when it launches.The move is a significant one, and demonstrates how important digital content distribution is becoming. As for when Nintendo intend to start delivering on this promise, the first game to launch with both digital and retail versions will be New Super Mario Bros. 2, which arrives in August.Nintendo also realizes retailers may not appreciate the games being offered digitally on the same release day as their stock of physical games, and has decided to sweeten the deal for them slightly.Purchasing a digital game can be done via a credit card directly on your 3DS through the eShop, or by using a game code purchased from a retailer. Nintendo is allowing the retailer to set the price of those codes just like they would a physical copy, meaning they can make a profit from them.While that idea should encourage retailers to stock the game code cards, it may back fire if the price of a game on the eShop is always lower than what retailers charge. Alternatively, Nintendo may stick to the RRP through the eShop making the game codes very popular indeed if they prove cheaper.More at GamesIndustry.bizlast_img

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