A Kickstarter project aims to solve the frayed iPod cable issue

first_imgDo you have an iPod cable that’s at the point where its innards are showing? Me too. It’s one of the few areas where Apple hasn’t really improved. Those cables fray and die much too quickly. Fortunately, there’s currently a Kickstarter project with a solution for this perennial issue.The frayed cable issue has been around for several years. About four or five months into using a new iDevice, the cable can start to wear away. It is as perplexing as it is annoying. A decent iPod cable isn’t the cheapest thing to purchase after all.A disgruntled Redditor posted an image of two iPod cables, one from 2007 and the other from 2009. The 2009 one was frayed. The 2007 one was not. Several hundred comments in, another Redditor gave a reasonable explanation as to why this is an issue.Most power cords have what’s called a strain relief which is a series of rings where the cable meets the plug. This protects the cable and keeps it at a curve when bent so that it won’t break. All current iPod cables don’t have this strain relief.At Apple, the Industrial Design department, according to the Redditor, has the final say on everything with regards to its products. Apparently, the ID department doesn’t like the way the strain relief looks, so it’s been left out of the design. It’s nothing more complicated than that.What the Kickstarter project offers is what’s called the MySaver. It comes in both a pro and DIY kit that essentially attaches to both the USB and dock ends of the cable. Aluminum encases both plugs, and there’s a silicone piece for where the cable meets the plug. The project is still accepting donations, and it’s about $5,000 shy of its $15,000 goal that will make the project happen, so every little helps.See more at Kickstarter via TechCrunchlast_img

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