Mark Zuckerberg has a stalker ready to die for him

first_imgDoes having a stalker mean you’ve reached the ranks of celebrity status? After appearing on Saturday Night Live, and now getting his first stalker, we believe Mark Zuckerberg may have entered those ranks.However, Zuckerberg isn’t too happy about his 31-year-old stalker named Pradeep Manukonda. So much so, he has taken out a restraining order against him. And we can’t blame him after reading the letter Manukonda sent to Mark which you can see below.The help being asked for is of course money, and in return Manukonda is “ready to die for” Mark. Worrying? Most definitely.AdChoices广告As well as that letter, Manukonda has approached Zuckerberg’s home, tried to gain entrance to Facebook offices, and sent Mark flowers along with a handwritten version of that same letter above.A hearing is scheduled before the end of February after Zuckerberg lodged a complaint against the man. Until that time Manukonda cannot come within 300 yards of Mark, his sister or his girlfriend.If I was in that position I’d also hire someone to keep an eye on the stalker until such time as the courts decide what to do with him. I think there would also be a Taser in my pocket for self defense.Read more at TMZlast_img

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