Hackers breach cancer hospital servers to play CoD Black Ops

first_imgWhen hackers make the news these days, it’s because they’ve stolen Pentagon secrets, credit card numbers, iTunes accounts, et cetera.Not all hackers infiltrate other people’s computer systems for nefarious reasons, though: sometimes, hackers just want to get their deathmatch on, as evidenced by this story in which hackers breached a server back in November so they could use it as a host for the popular Activision title Call of Duty: Black Ops.Sounds minor, right? The problem is that the server they hacked into was that of the New Hampshire based Seacoast Radiology, which stores the patient information of more than 230,000 cancer survivors. Woops!There’s no signs of identity theft or that the hackers made off with any information. They just wanted to play a few rounds of CoDBLOPS, after all. Seacoast Radiology thinks the hackers-slash-gamers were located in Scandinavia, but otherwise, there’s not a lot of information to go on.Reading between the lines, it really does look like these kids just piggybacked their deathmatch game off of a random server, which was unfortunately one set-up to help cancer survivors. If they really meant to make a point, they would have hosted their Black Ops game off of the servers of a VA hospital.Read more at The Registerlast_img

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