Dell updates Alienware M17x to its 3rd revision

first_imgAmong all the mobile phones and tablet news from CES, you might be surprised to learn that a company revealed–gasp–a laptop, but Dell did just that. At the show they unveiled the latest revision to the M17x, with a 3D display and Intel’s hot new Sandy Bridge components. It’s an evolutionary step for Alienware’s flagship (and one we saw coming), but it’s also a highly acclaimed system that isn’t in need of an overhaul.Changes from the previous M17x include Intel’s new P67 chipset, and the use of Nvidia GTX 460M, ATI HD6870M, or HD6970M graphics. Of course there are new Sandy Bridge Core i5 and Core i7 processors, but there is also Wireless HD streaming so that you can shift your movies and games over to the big screen at up to 1080p. And the perks don’t end there, the M17x will also have a 3D-capable 1920×1080 display option for users looking for a high-end 120Hz panel.The exterior of the computer seems to be about the same, though the grill pieces on the front corners are now accented with chrome.The M17x will start at  $1,499 and be available as of January 10th.From Dell’s release:Extreme Gaming that Pushes the LimitsAlienware, Dell’s premium high-performance PC gaming brand, is continuing its universal domination with sizzling new additions that take extreme gaming to new heights and ratchet up the hottest gaming system lineup in the industry.“Serious PC gamers and enthusiasts who want an immersive, 3D and high-definition sound experience have found their universe,” said Sam Burd, Vice President of Dell’s Consumer, Small, and Medium Business group.The new M17x is Alienware’s first 3D-capable gaming laptop, offering a realistic, lifelike, mobile gaming experience in a 17-inch display (3D capability requires optional 120Hz w/3D Bundle WideFHD WLED LCD display and NVIDIA graphics card). With its available full HD 120Hz 3D display, the new M17x offers eye-popping stereoscopic viewing for today’s most realistic gaming and mind-blowing 3D Blu-ray movie experiences.Alienware also introduced new models of its Aurora system, Alienware’s first MicroATX desktop with full 3D HD capability and liquid-cooled CPUs (3D-capability requires an optional 120Hz 3D capable LCD display, NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit and a NVIDIA graphics card. For a list of compatible displays visit Both 3D-capable, designed-for-gaming systems feature new, second-generation Intel quad-core processors with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 and hyper-threading technology that deliver Intel’s top-of-the-line performance that is faster than the previous generation CPUs. Powerful graphics options, scalable memory and storage options and Alienware’s striking, out-of-this-world design features will leave sweaty-palmed gamers thirsting for more action. via Laptop Maglast_img

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