Hilary 2016 The fundraising has already begun

first_imgTHE LARGEST LIBERAL fundraising committee in the US has taken the first steps in a possible presidential bid for Hilary Rodham Clinton.The New York Times reports that Priorities USA Action, a “super PAC” which played a vital role in the election of Barack Obama, has begun raising funds for the former First Lady.Six years after challenging Obama in the Democratic primaries, and a full two and a half years from an election, the news comes as the first major signal that Clinton will run for the office once held by her husband, Bill.Super PACs are technically independent political committees that are not legally bound by restrictions on financial contributions, allowing them to fundraise millions of dollars.StaffPriorities USA has announced a number of key appointments of both former Obama and Clinton campaign staff.Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager in 2012, will serve as co-chairman of the revamped super PAC and an affiliated nonprofit.He will be joined by Jennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan who is an ardent supporter of Clinton. The Times reports that the committee will only be interested in six and seven-figure cheques, with other committees tasked with finding smaller donations.Technically, Priorities won’t be allowed co-ordinate a message with the candidate, but that has proven to a largely unenforceable rule.Speaking to the New York Times, Messina said that he believed Clinton was in a strong position.“I think the numbers clearly show that she’s the strongest presidential candidate on the Democratic sideAnd Priorities is going to be there for her if she decides to run.Should Rodham Clinton decide to run, the Democratic field of potential nominees is seen as generally clear for her.Her 2008 experiences, her relationship and apparent backing by Obama and her experience as US Secretary of State put her in a stronger position than most candidates, while there are age concerns over current Vice President Joe Biden, who will be 74 by the time the 2016 campaign rolls around.Read: Former Virginia Governor forced to hand back Rolex as he’s charged with corruptionlast_img

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