First Nations woman says BC healthcare failed her – again

first_imgTina HouseAPTN NewsIt’s been just over two months since Mary Stewart, 55, was taken to a Chilliwack Hospital after saying she was hit by a semi-truck.“I can remember screaming for murder because I was ran over by a truck I remember the wheels hitting me and somebody called 911,” she told APTN News.Since that time, Stewart was promised physio-therapy and medication to help her deal with the pain – but so far nothing.Two weeks ago she was sent to a recovery house in Surrey where she was promised help.But she said there were no services offered.Now she is being cared for by her family.“Thay are racist and they don’t think that we deserve the same treatment as people that dont have brown skin,” said her friend Eddie Julian.Stewart’s ordeal started after she was taken to the Chilliwack emergency room after being hit by a truck.Stewart claims that the physician told her they didn’t see anything wrong in the x-rays, and she said she was released.She said a nurse said that if she didn’t leave, they would call the police.She had no money and no phone. Her partner was with her and they ended up leaving at around 4 am in the rain.“They sent me away in a wheelchair and it was raining outside and they cut me outta my pants so they let me go with no pants just a sheet to cover me I could make it a block and a half I was in so much pain,” she said.She returned to the Chilliwack Hospital the next day after sleeping outside in a wheelchair.Stewart said when she arrived, a nurse said she never should have left the hospital.The x-ray showed her injuries were extensive.“My broken ankles, my broken knees my broken pelvis I have fractures all the way up me left side on my leg I was basically crushed from the bottom down,” she said.Stewart spent nearly a month at the hospital recovering.She said during that time, she experienced racism.Eddie Julian said hospital staff didn’t react well to her story in the media.“One of the nurses at the hospital had look at Mary and said oh I saw your mugshot on the paper and one of Mary’s lawyers happened to be there at the time and she just kinda appalled and she asked if that was me is that what you woulda said about me? and she said no no no,” he said.Officials said they have launched an investigation into what happened at the Chilliwack Hospital.They said it is still ongoing.Stewart said she has hired a lawyer and is considering legal action.last_img

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