New Generator at IWK to Ensure Quality Health Care

first_imgWomen, children and families will continue to receive excellent, uninterrupted care at the IWK Health Centre thanks to a new provincial investment in an emergency power generator. “We are fortunate to have a world-class health-care facility for children in our province and no one should have to worry about their surgery being cancelled because of emergency power not being available,” said Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson. “This investment provides more assurance around seamless care for families.” Nova Scotia’s district health authorities and the IWK routinely submitted a list of infrastructure needs in November for the 2013-14 fiscal year. At that time, the department received the IWK’s request for funds for a new generator, Wilson said. “We are extremely pleased that the government is committed to funding the purchase and installation of a new emergency generator,” said Anne McGuire, president and CEO, IWK Health Centre. “As the Maritimes’s only tertiary care centre for children and women, it is essential that we have a reliable power source 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” The current generator, which is the size of a half-ton truck, is 35 years old and has had problems over the past year. A request for proposals will be issued for the new generator, including installation this summer. “Just the thought of a power outage occurring during one of my daughter’s heart surgeries would be a nightmare beyond comprehension,” said Yarrow Gillis, mother of a 7-year-old daughter, and Family Leader at the IWK. “Knowing that the emergency power generator is solid and reliable will certainly help patients and families feel more at ease during what is already a very traumatic and stressful time.” The new generator will be running within a year. In the meantime, the IWK Health Centre has increased the frequency and detail of equipment tests.last_img

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