This Aluminum Smart Suitcase from Samsara Luggage is Downright Sexy

first_img Editors’ Recommendations The smart suitcase’s unique exterior is what really sets it apart. The all-aluminum alloy construction uses a combination of titanium, magnesium, and zinc to ensure a lightweight, durable, and fireproof shell. The anodized coating relies on an electrolytic process that adds strength without additional weight. This layer also protects it against weather and corrosion damage. Because it’s all-aluminum, the Samsara Carry-On is also recyclable (assuming you’d even need to get rid of it).The Samsara Carry-On is available for pre-order in silver or black on Indiegogo (including the packing accessories kit) for $435 plus shipping (36 percent of the retail price of $690). The project was fully funded as of July 2017, and production suitcases are expected to ship January 2018. Get Acquainted With the Military-Approved Skincare Brand Bravo Sierra The Mission Workshop Khyte Sets a New Standard for Messenger Bags The Opus OP15′ Is a Tricked-Out, Off-Road-Ready Travel Trailer last_img

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