The ICC demands more commitment from clubs to continue

first_imgThe first obstacle is the moment of the tournament itself. The summer competition is taken by the clubs as a part of the preseason, in such a way that or many of their stars do not take part because they rejoin later of their vacations or play very few minutes or, even, the clubs use the appointment to Test and evaluate future promises. In that sense, Ross “wants clubs to commit to maintaining” competitive tension “at the level of other official tournaments. As an incentive, at the meeting that Ross held in Paris last week with club representatives, he explained that they could be rewarded with more money than they currently receive and he, Ross and RSE Ventures (the company founded for their sports investments) would be satisfied Your huge investment. Ross, meanwhile, has no intention of doing this behind UEFA’s back.Taking advantage of his trip to Europe, he would have met with the representatives of the organization to try to have his approval or even that his image somehow associated with the tournament. European clubs recognized the need to include changes in the ICC, but postponed them to the composition of a work table to study them in detail. In that way, it would be studied if a football event of the highest level, as Ross claims, is sustainable in some way, given the tightness of the calendar and the multitude of national and international competitions.Similarly, the New York Times article reports another detail. After the meeting in Paris, participants in it traveled to Zurich to meet with Infantino, president of FIFA. The organization has just created the International Club Cup, which is an expanded club world cup that will be released in China in 2021. The clubs would have asked for decision power in the guidelines of the new tournament, as well as under the umbrella of UEFA already have capacity in their competitions. Stephen M. Ross, billionaire owner of the Dolphins, is also the organizer and funder of the International Champions Cup (ICC), the summer competition in which the main European clubs are measured during the preseason. In their last men’s edition, on behalf of Spain, Real Madrid and Atlético participated. Ross, as the New York Times explains today, took part in the meeting held in Paris by several of the clubs of the Association of European Clubs (ECA). The ideologist of the ICC conveyed their concern because their competition, whose cost has risen to 100 million dollars, remains deficient for your interests and you want a series of commitments from the clubs to keep your bet. Ross has spent years investing large sums, convinced that high-level European football could attract the attention of more investors in the American market, but he has encountered setbacks that “could extinguish the flame” because “the organizers cannot keep losing money”, according to the New York Times article.last_img

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