Real estate in tourism: Dubrovnik the most expensive, and Zadar the most sought after

first_imgAccording to data and research of real estate ads during May, house prices rose the most in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, while Zadar was most interesting to potential buyers from abroad. The largest change in prices on a monthly basis was recorded in Dubrovnik, where due to an increase of 4,2 percent, the average asking price of a house, including the price of a garden, rose to as much as 4134 euros. An increase in house prices was also recorded in Zagreb, where it amounted to 0,7 percent, and an average of 1229 euros was demanded for one square meter. Also, the data showed that Zadar recorded a monthly increase of 0,3 percent, and the price of a square meter of a house, including the price of a garden, was 1599 euros.The largest monthly decline in house prices during May was recorded in Bjelovar and Slavonski Brod. The average asking price of a “square meter” of a house including the price of a garden in Bjelovar fell by 3,3 percent and amounted to 470 euros, while in Slavonski Brod prices fell by 2,3 percent and averaged 632 euros. Varaždin, according to the classifieds, recorded a drop in house prices of 0,8 percent, so they were advertised at an average of 655 euros per square meter. A drop of 0,2 percent was recorded in Osijek, where the price per square meter was 612 euros, and in Senj, where 1204 euros were demanded for a “square”. For houses in Split, the average asking price of “square meters” on a monthly basis fell by 0,9 percent, so it averaged 1972 euros.House prices are 18 percent lower than apartment pricesHouse prices were almost 18 percent lower than apartment prices in May. The biggest difference was recorded in Opatija, where the price of a “square meter” of a house was 683 euros, or 23,2 percent, lower than the price of a “square meter” apartment. In Varaždin, houses were as much as 41 percent, or 447 euros per square meter, cheaper than apartments, while in Zagreb the difference was 27 percent, or 442 euros.The smallest differences in the prices of “square meters” of these types of real estate were recorded in Senj, where houses were on average cheaper by 8 euros than apartments, and in Pula, where the difference is only 11 euros. Poreč and Dubrovnik are cities where the average asking house prices were slightly higher than the apartment prices. In Dubrovnik, the difference in the prices of “squares” is 197 euros, and in Porec 53 euros.Foreigners’ favorite house on the sea: Zadar the most sought afterOsijek, Zadar, Poreč and Zagreb are the cities in which the offer of houses for sale was most often searched for through the classifieds in May. Potential foreign buyers, in search of houses sold on, most often came from Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and showed the greatest interest in houses on the sea, mostly those in Zadar and Zadar County. then for those in the area of ​​Crikvenica, and for houses in the Istrian area.Monika Sunara, owner and director of the real estate agency Adria team real estate doo from Zadar, told what kind of houses foreigners are looking for and buying in the most sought-after area in Zadar: “Foreigners are mostly looking for and buying apartment buildings or luxury houses, and one third of buyers are explicitly looking for apartments near the beach with open sea views.”He also notes that the location is extremely important to them, and that they are most often looking for and buying houses with a price between 270.000 – 650.000 euros. “Recently, more and more new, modern and luxurious houses are in demand, and a smaller part is looking for older Dalmatian-style construction (stone houses) for reconstruction.. ”- said Sunara and added that buyers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia are also showing great interest in houses in the area.last_img

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