Paraguayan Women Prostitution Ring Dismantled in Spain

first_img Also, the network members took these women to banks and forced them to open accounts, from which they later would send money to Paraguay to pay for the debt. By Dialogo May 01, 2013 Uncovering this human trafficking is only the tip of the iceberg, which shows that not everything has been uncovered, and not only in Spain, but in the entire world.For the effectiveness of the people who were granted authority by God Almighty, they have the responsibility to keep working on making people understand that there is no better way of living, respect each other and not give way to the falsity, iniquity and injustice of the lower instincts of the human nature, satanic, bestial, animal and savage.God help us all. I don’t know what those girls are doing in a poor and racist country like Spain Eleven people were arrested in Spain and 12 more in Paraguay during an operation that busted a ring which sexually exploited over 100 Paraguayan women, the Spanish police reported on April 27. The victims were subject to strict control, and althought they were not allowed to have phones, the organization forced them to attract customers through chatting on a web page. The victims were prostituted in apartments in several northern cities of Spain, such as Pamplona, Santander, Bilbao, and Vitoria, and rotated through them monthly, offering “novelties,” according to the investigation. In exchange for being brought into Spain, the victims “contracted a debt with the organization,” whose leaders “forced them to sign deeds to their houses and other property in Paraguay, which were later confiscated as a security deposit,” the police stated. center_img As a result of an investigation that started in August 2011, prompted by reports from several victims assisted by an ONG, the operation “dismantled a criminal organization that sexually exploited over 100 Paraguayan women in Spain,” the police said in a statement. “Seventeen women, who were likely victims of sexual exploitation, were rescued, 11 people were arrested in Spain and another 12 in Paraguay” for allegedly being involved with a network whose “profits amounted to over one million euros [about $1.3 million] last year, a figure that was actually doubled in previous years,” the report added. The criminal organization “recruited women in the poorest and most marginalized areas of Paraguay, to arrange their trip to Spain through managers and owners of two travel agencies in the country,” the police explained. last_img

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