EXCLUSIVE: The Nth Power Release Powerful New Single & Music Video

first_imgNew York City-based soul/rock/funk group The Nth Power–comprised of drummer Nikki Glaspie, guitarist Nick Cassarino, and bassist Nate Edgar–are entering a new phase of their careers. Following their 2017 decision to transition into a guitar/bass/drums trio, the group has geared their focus toward refining their signature sound. Now, the trio is infusing their funk aesthetic with notes of disco, deep soul, and intense political energy paired with old school rock and roll.Today, The Nth Power release their brand new single, “Truth”, produced by Will Bradford at Chillhouse Studios, which will appear on their upcoming album out this spring. The video tells the story of our world’s crushing paranoia and isolation through the lens of a conspiracy theorist holed away in his apartment, sending secret messages through the cracks in the door. Savage and furious, the message in “Truth” is clear.“Truth” simply put, is about us taking the time to realize that it’s everywhere,” explains drummer Nikki Glaspie. “It’s about digging deep within ourselves to address problems that we may be able to help solve. We are in an interesting time in history, where The President of the United States of America calls the press ‘fake news’, and addresses the world via Twitter. Just let that sink in. Find the truth for yourself. Truth doesn’t change, only our awareness of it.”Watch the new music video for “Truth” below, directed by Jon Beanlands and produced by Caroline Boyd.Along with the release of their new attitude in “Truth,” The Nth Power are going out on a west coast tour to promote their upcoming album in February, with dates in cities stretching from Colorado to California. Currently in the studio at Chillhouse in Cambridge MA, the band’s new record will show off the newly minted trio’s fresh new sound, with the familiarities of old school bands like Earth, Wind & Fire, Chic, and even early Daft Punk, while leaning heavily into the shreddy, funky sounds the Nth Power is known for.And if you aren’t familiar with Glaspie’s chops as a drummer yet, you won’t have to leave the house to hear her play live next week. Grab your snuggie and turn on Late Night with Seth Meyers on January 29th through February 1st to see Glaspie sitting in as the guest drummer with Seth’s house band, The 8G Band.Also coming up is The Nth Power’s show on February 1 at Nu Blu at the Late Night wrap party, starting at 10:30pm.last_img

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