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Talk is cheap

first_img Unique talent Now Mayor Pothole wants to become head schoolmaster. He also wants to stick it to us on sanitation fees. So it appears that he is an academician, economist, budget expert and political scientist. Wow, what a talented guy. – Bill Rice Winnetka Quelling tensions Re “Mayor tries to quell tensions on neighborhood councils” (Tipoff column, April 10): All 15 council members must change the charter defining stakeholders. Greg Nelson’s reasoning allowing employees to be stakeholders is flawed. Union members join, pay dues and expect their officers to speak for them. Business employees are told by their employers who to vote for. There is no reason for employees to be stakeholders. The internal disputes keeping residents from getting involved reared their ugly heads during our recent elections. Business interests hijacked the election by giving employees time off, a list of preferred candidates and rides to the polls. Residents must get involved or face the consequences. – Marilyn White-Sedel Studio City Built-in tax growth Re “Mayor backs trash fee” (April 13): The city and county leaders seem to forget that not only does the tax revenue increase with the sale from real estate sales in the form of property tax but they also have built-in increases in form of sales tax on gasoline. The county collects 8.25 percent sales tax on each gallon of gas sold. There are million of gallons sold daily in L.A. County. As the price of gas goes up, so does the tax income. Why is there a need for additional trash fees? What is happening to this huge daily increase in sales tax revenue? – W. Fred Beck West Hills You don’t get it It’s very refreshing to see that about 99 percent of the letters being written are denouncing the mayor’s proposed trash fee increase. Hey, mayor, can you tell that the homeowners are sick and tired of getting screwed with rate increases? It doesn’t make any difference who is the mayor, or the makeup of the clowns on the City Council, it’s always stick it to homeowners to pay for what we should be getting already if we had competent people running this city. Keep this up and I would bet my last dollar you will follow the bungler you replaced as a one-term wonder. Of course, that’s assuming you or Roy Romer or Ron Deaton don’t get it first. – George Timko West Hills Negative integrity It appears that our mayor suffers from a paucity of integrity. I was there when he promised, if elected, that he would make sure that Gita, Ruby and Billy – the elephants at the L.A. Zoo – would be sent to a sanctuary and that the exhibit would be closed. He made that promise predicated on all the professional research presented to him by the humane community, which clearly made the case that elephants particularly suffer badly in any zoo atmosphere. I cannot imagine a council agreeing to spend so many millions to erect a monument to inhumanity for the momentary whim of a child, rather then spend that money on a comprehensive disaster program, which the city is still bereft of. – Michael Bell Encino Iraq deaths Re “April’s U.S. death count at 47 in Iraq” (April 17): Every year, more than 42,000 people die in traffic accidents in the U.S. Instead, the Daily News prints big headlines for 47 deaths in Iraq. In the three years we’ve been in Iraq, we have lost about 2,500 military personnel, many of these to illnesses, drownings, and, yes, traffic accidents. During the same three years, more than 12,000 people have died in traffic accidents in California alone. The Daily News should report the high number of deaths due to traffic accidents and guns in the U.S. every year. Maybe someone will get off their butt to try to stop the carnage right here in the U.S. – Earl J. Kangas Santa Clarita Outrageous prices With oil prices going through the roof, you would think our government would have a plan for alternative energy. But they don’t and we know why. The energy companies do not want an alternative source; those sources that would provide the people clean, efficient energy does not lead to profits. So we will still see the need for outrageous prices at the pump and in our homes. – Paul Straughn North Hollywood Defending Defense From all that I hear about Donald Rumsfeld from his supporters – and there are many – he is doing a fine job as secretary of defense. The complaining retired generals could have had their say when they were on active duty. The consensus is that Rumsfeld goes to great lengths to listen to diverse opinions before he makes a decision. My opinion is that the complaining retired generals had their “ox gored” when Rumsfeld reorganized the Army to be a lean and fast-moving fighting machine and now that they are retired, they are complaining. There are many more generals, and admirals as well, who support Rumsfeld as he accomplishes his duties as secretary of defense. I think that history will show that Rumsfeld has been one of the best secretaries ever. – Richard Kinsman Chatsworth Tax cartoon Re “View from the Valley” (April 18): Not quite. Taxes paid to the state of California are addressed to the Franchise Tax Board. Perhaps the caption should have read “We may as well be sending this to Mexico.” – Mary L. Harrington Granada Hills160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl event State of the City? A fabulous speech by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, but he failed to tell Angelenos the state of the city. Frankly, he should have told us that he is not going to spend the $39 million for zoo elephants, but instead hire 2,000 policemen by summer and provide accommodations for the homeless, gangs and criminals with that money. It wouldn’t be fabulous, but it would be incredible. – Ray Holm Woodland Hills Our mayor’s first State of the City address regarding education reform was logical and much needed. However, his plans for the city, which promise a lot, may be very hard to accomplish unless he actually takes action. His statement that he planned to be “fiscally conservative with future spending” is a textbook example of political-speak. I would like to see him make one very strong move right now, that would put some substance behind his statement – stop the idiotic idea of spending $39 million on a new enclosure for the city’s three elephants. If our mayor cannot stop this wasteful spending, how will he ever be able to eliminate the city’s $295 million budget deficit? – Bob Bergstrom Woodland Hills last_img read more