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Footage of Dublin riots used as scenes of Norway in American TV

first_imgStrangely, the episode does actually end up in Ireland where one of the characters has apparently stored an important item in a monastery.Alas, the scenery there wasn’t exactly accurate either.  The ‘monastery’ looked like this on the outside:And this on the inside:Anyone ever been to a church like that in Ireland?Have in iPhone? This short film is calling you an idiot>Washington Post writer gives some useful advice to homophobic parent> IF YOU’RE A fan of Marvel’s new series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you may have noticed some familiar footage during the latest episode.In a scene which purported to be in Oslo, shots of Dublin during the 2006 riots were used.  Dublin is easily identified by the Parnell Monument which bears a golden harp.last_img